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Gubba cold storage pvt ltd


Hyderabad 2021: Needless to say what the 2019 global pandemic has done to the world financially, emotionally & mentally...Finally, after this hurricane, now we see a ray of hope, Vaccine underway . Our oneness has become efficient enough to fight the battle against Covid 19.

The Pharmaceutical industry has raced against the time by a big time and has brought the vaccine to mankind in the record time in less than one year, the countless and tireless efforts of scientists , doctors, pharmaceutical companies across the globe have created this wonder, which is a priceless gift to the mankind.

The Cold chain industry has already shown its responsibility in demonstrating toe to toe actions with the Pharmaceutical industry in creating the much needed and critical cold chain infrastructure for COVID-19 vaccine from the manufacturer to the last mile delivery, till it's injected to the human body.

India is a developing country and we do not have many vaccine compliant cold storage facilities, the facility needs to be WHO GDP approved facilities with 21 CFR online temperature monitoring system. India has 10,000 Cold Storages which preserve, spices, fruits, vegetables, less than 0.5% are Pharma compliant cold storage facilities and we have a long way to go.

But India is fast catching up too and putting its best foot forward in creating the needed infrastructure in a record short time to handle & preserve vaccine. With Cold Storages in nook & corners of India, is one of big strength & has a gap that many of these facilities are not vaccine complaint but with some infrastructural & technical changes, India can be super power in Vaccine preservation in years to come.

Gubba Kiran, CEO of Gubba Cold Storage in his various communications in webinars conveys that “need has come for the cold chain industry to be proactive approach rather than reactive in their approach & looking whats needed in vaccine preservation & this pro active approach allows us to think and discover 5 steps ahead of the situation and create the needed” & he further said “Like the Fortune 500 companies The Pharmaceutical industry must stay to their core competency in inventing the best medicine to the mankind and leave the non core operations like cold storage, logistics etc to specialised players like Gubba, who provide more value to the Pharma supply chain with a focused appreaoch”.

With specialisation in preservation of perishables since 33 years the very 1st cold storage of Andhra Pradesh, Gubba explored under the leadership of Gubba Nagender Rao, founder of Gubba Cold Storage. Pharma compliant cold storage facility came to reality in Hyderabad 3 years ago with a vision to address the gap in the pharma cold chain . Then we were the 1st In South India & Gubba literally altered the view of the Pharma world in creating the much needed trust in creating South India's biggest pharma compliant dedicated cold storage facility with 8800 pallets and today we serve more than 50 Pharma clients, proudly.

As the Pharma industry was busy creating COVID-19 vaccine for us, we at Gubba lea by Gubba Prashanth, Innovations & Technical lead, silently & parallelly started creating a world class vaccine compliant cold storage facilities , we are happy to unveil our cold storage facilities in Medhcal, Yellampet & Annaram with a capacity of 10,000 pallets for COVID-19 vaccine preservation, in phased manner between January & March 2021. These facilities are One of the finest vaccine facilities in India and one of the biggest and finest in Telangana, with a capacity of 3 Crores vaccine doses capacity.

We are proud to dedicate this facility in service of people of Telangana and India and happy to be a critical partner in serving the mankind with our vaccine cold storage facility. For us it's more than a service, its an honour to serve & preserve the vaccine, having seen many lives lost due to pandemic .

We have 18 cold storages with 1.32 crore cubic feet capacity, across 10 locations of Hyderabad & Aurangabad.

Our Vaccine cold storage facilities are designed to function in 3 temperature zones

1. 2-8 degree centigrade

2. 15-20 degree centigrade

3. -20 degrees centigrade

Relative humidity (RH) ranges from 50% to 70%

Our operations report :

1. ERP Inventory System

2. Periodical Stock Auditing

3. Truck Turn Around Time (TAT) report

4. High standards in safety and hygiene

5. FIFO, FEFO, Batch wise, Pallet wise, Memo wise

6. Space Utliziation, Monthly Transactions, Daily Transactions

7. Inventory reports - RM, FG, WIP, Packaging Rejection Material Report.

Technical reports :

1. 21 CFR Data loggers

2. Online Temperature and RH

3. Gubba App Online Temperature & RH

4. Thermal Tracking

5. Temperature Mapping

6. Mean Kinetic Temperature

7. Equipment Calibration Records

We ensure safety of all the products through the following certifications :

1. WHO GDP cerified

2. HACCP certified

3. ISO certified

4. OHSAS certified

5. Periodical audits

6. Rodent & Pest management

We have plans to expand the pharma Cold storage facilities to Vizag, Mumbai, etc creating benchmarking pharma compliant cold storage facilities in India to meet our PMs vison of Atmanirbhar Bharath approach.

Updated on January 2, 2021