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Distant Beats releasing on August 19th

Changing Dream Productions and Seven Hills Entertainments are jointly producing a bilingual film ‘Distant Beats’ in Telugu and English respectively. This film which is being directed by Sriram Vegaraju will be released on August 19th. Regarding this a press meet was organised in the production office in which director Sriram Vegaraju, producers Madhuri, Ravishankar, cameraman Amar, music director Parthasarathy and actress Tenali Sakuntala participated.

Addressing the media director Sriram Vegaraju said, “Distant Beats" is a music based film being made in Telugu and English languages. The story revolves around four youth, two Americans and two Indians who travels with confidence on their music knowledge. P J Sharma played a role that preaches life is greater than music. This movie passes on the messages of Mother Teresa. This movie will impress those who has good taste in music. We are releasing the movie in Telugu on August 19th and the English version will be released in the US in September.”

According to Madhuri the film and the songs are fantastic. She added, “The film will pass a good message to the society. So I wish everyone will watch the film that is releasing on August 19th.”

Tenali Sakuntala said, “I played the role of Sharma’s wife. The director is a talented person who knows to extract what he wants from the artists. I wish the film should become a big hit.”

Music director Parthasarathy said, “I’m well known as a singer and I’m going to be introduced as a music director through this film. The director is my long time friend. His passion is cinema. This movie is related to our musicians. ‘Distant Beats’ has a very good message. The film has Indian classical as well as western songs.”

Amar said, “We shot half the film in India and half in USA. The movie is extremely beautiful. I hope this movie will bring a good name to all of us.”

Ravishankar said, “This is a collaborated film. The director took good care while crafting the film. We have put in lot of efforts to choose the locations. ‘Distant Beats’ will showcase the western culture as well as the Indian culture.”

P J Sharma said, “Distant Beats" is a family entertainer. I did a good role after a very long time. This role is a tailor made role for Shankarabharanam Somayajulu garu, but I did it. Even though the artists are new, they all have worked with full of energy. This is a valuable film, hence the audience must watch this film without fail.”

Cast: Bharath Ram, Trin Miller, Nathur Griford, Zareen, P J Sharma, Janet Heighter, Tenali Sakunlata, Scott Manty, Sara Mante, Varun Kotta, Poornachander, Parthasarathy, etc.