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RGV ‘Ramayanam’

I’ve been listening to ‘Ramayanam’ right from my childhood. Many a times I tried to find out who has so much of high regards for that story. Due to my research I wanted to make ‘Ramayanam’ in my own style. But the story of my ‘Ramayanam’ is not an epic but belongs to today’s world. My Ram Gopal Varma ‘Ramayanam’ is the idea I got from the point how today’s ‘Ramayanam’ would be if the characters in Ramayanam exists amidst us in Hyderabad city.

Ayodhya Group of Industries owner Dasarath Rao and his wife Kausalya, Once when Dasarath Rao visits Mumbai on business matter, he meets a woman named Kaikeyi Agarwal and accepts her as his second wife. He commits to Kaikeyi for giving away his company to Bharat Kumar, who is born to Kaikeyi at one situation. Ram Shankar, who is obedient and never goes against his father Dasarath Rao, will leave the company to start a sec-unit of the company despite the Ayodhya Group of Workers feeling sad. Lakshman Shankar, who consider his elder brother as his soul also walks out of the company along with Ram Shankar.

The rival of Ayodhya Group of Industries is Lanka Group of Industries for which Ravan Raju is the owner. Ravan Raju has a younger brother Bheeshan Raju and younger sister Soorpana. The story of my Ram Gopal Varma “Ramayanam” is the story that has come from the conflicts between these two companies. I’ll let you know the details soon.

____ Ram Gopal Varma