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‘Music Recording anywhere, anytime with Rare Groove Variations’ says Satya Kashyap

In 1960s for recording songs and background score, a troupe of more than 40 musicians along with Music Director, Singers and Sound Engineers use to participate in Live Recording in studios. By 1990s with the advent of new technology, it was made easy to musicians to compose music in track form so as to enable singers to sing and record voice based on their convenience. This has made entire recording more hassle-free. In the 2000s further technology has improved and made it possible to music directors to use a single Casio instrument to record sounds of Tabla, Flute, Cango, Sitar and Violin. This has further reduced the troupe size to 10.

Despite of technology advancement, music recording in studios involves bigger monitors, digital sound guards, analog mixtures, acoustic systems, etc. This kind of recording includes recording costs ranging from Rs. 500 to few thousands per hour. Invariably such recordings end up total cost to few lakhs of rupees only for music recording. Additionally, there will be hefty remunerations to be paid for musicians and singers.

Young and techno-savvy music director Satya Kashyap has come up with a revolutionary technology to reduce all these costs and literally made it possible to record songs anywhere anytime. Using the latest Fruity Loops software, he did extensive research and introduced Rare Groove Variations technique into Indian Film Industry. He has recently composed music for Ice Cream2 movie using the same technology with the help of a laptop, an android phone and two sound engineers. He has been trying to use this technology for last two years but was not encouraged by his producers and studios. He has implemented this technology as an experiment in Ramgopal Varma’s Ice Cream2 movie even without informing him.

Will you get same quality as that of Digital Recording in Studio with this simple technology? Will this technology enable hundreds of tracks as in DTS and Dolby 10.1? If you have doubts, please watch Ice Cream2 movie once and observe music and background score in it. You will definitely consider this technology as the Revolution for Generation-Next Music. Technology-savvy music directors with creativity can now compose the entire songs and background score anywhere and anytime using this technology.

With this unique technology, Satya Kashyap has brought out the music composing by nullifying the dominance of music recording studios. Since it is introduced in Ram Gopal Varma’s Ice Cream2 movie, he has named the technology as Rare Groove Variation (RGV) by dedicating it to him.

Satya Kashyap has expressed his gratitude to all those directors and producers who has been showing interest to use the same technology in their next films.