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‘Zero’ in June 3rd week

‘Zero’ is the super hit Tamil romantic thriller which is being made under Sri Chakra Innovations banner. Ashwin, who appeared in ‘Gambler’ and ‘7th Sense’, and Shivada are the lead pair in the film. Shiv Mohan (Arun Kumar) is the director. The film which was made with a never touched before concept, is now at post-production works.

Each and every scene goes on in an interesting mode. Visual effects will stand out as highlight for the film. The film thills the audience with graphics and the makers have not compromised in terms of quality. Prominent actors JD Chakravarthy and Tulasi have played major roles in the film. We are planning to release the audio and theatrical trailer in the first week of June and the film in the third week of June,” informed Sri Chakra Innovations banner’s head.

Music: Nivas K Prasanna; Cinematography: Babu Kumar; Editing: Sudarshan; Production: Sri Chakra Innovations; Director: Shiv Mohan (Arun Kumar).