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‘I am the most rude one’ - Rashmi Gautam


We all know that recently a women alleged in a video that the anchor Anasuya had refused to take a selfie with her son and broke his cell phone in the process. The women also filed a case against Anasuya for the same. Anasuya has however rubbished the claims, saying that she had done no such thing. Since then netizens are saying that it is Anasuya’s mistake and they started trolling her. Unable to handle the situation, Anasuya left Twitter and Facebook.

After Anasuya got trolled, people started tagging her co-anchor and friend Rashmi Gautam. When Rashmi’s fans messaged her asking to advice Anasuya how to behave in public, the anchor retorted, “I am not her guardian.”

Defending Anasuya, Rashmi tweeted, “And since every one is saying anu is your frind advise her and all that YES SHE IS A DEAR FRIEND AND I KNOW HER so im telling u this between the both of us im the most rude one and i absolutely do not encourage selfies she is infact the one who always is extra sweet to them

Later, the anchor added in the tweet, “She was at her mothers place picking her kids up she herself is a mother of two and there is no way she wud have pulled a phone from a kids hand and im telling this becasue she is FRIEND and all those people wanting me to give her ADVISE FYI i know het BETTER."

It clears that no matter what the situation is, Rashmi will always be by her best friend Anasuya’s side.

Here are Rashmi Gautam’s tweets: