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Vijay Deverakonda sends strong message on abuse


We have been witnessing a lot of abuse on social media by fans against actors, journalists. This happens when someone comments in negative about the actor fans like or something that they don’t like happens. This phenomenon is increasing rapidly.

Actor Vijay Deverakonda does not approve of this and wants to do something to remove this. He requested the fans to stop abuse and spread love. Vijay D penned a letter for this purpose. In his letter he has requested fans not to abuse, instead he asked for a positive atmosphere.

Vijay D's letter read...

Hey Rowdy Loves,

We are causing change - Be it cinema, be it lifestyle, be it our RowdyCulture or be it an attitude to be ourselves. It's time we set a trend for social media positivity.

So many of you lovingly put my pictures as your DP, but I see you in war of words with others. I wouldn't do that, so shouldn't you, I know it can be hard but I've got till wherever I've got by working on myself and my life, I don't bother about another. Live and Let live --

So even if hated, let's just wish everyone well and let us be happy. You have nothing to worry, I'll always give you Good Films, Great Clothes and so much more. I do not want to see any online abuse - full chill and love.

Love always, Rowdy Out.