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Vidya Nirvana Manchu finds a spot in the Noble Book of World Records!


Manchu Lakshmi's daughter Vidya Nirvana Manchu Anand has found a place in the Noble Book of World Records as the Youngest Chess Trainer. Her grandfather, Mohan Babu, and her parents are proud of her achievement. She holds the record after passing a test that was conducted recently under the supervision of Noble Book of Records representative Dr. Dr Chockalingam Balaji.

Speaking about Vidya's record, Dr. Chockalingam Balaji said, "We might have seen four or five-year-old kids playing chess, but giving training at the age of six is a great thing. Our organization really feels happy to honor Vidya Nirvana with the award.”

Vidya Nirvana has been trained by Karthik. "In 2019, Vidya was too young to learn the game. This year, Lakshmi garu asked me to train her. Just after four to five classes of training, Vidya became an expert in the game. She later started teaching chess game to her friends," he revealed.
Manchu Lakshmi said that she believes that chess is not just a game, but a life skill. "That is why chess training was given to Vidya at an early age. But within two weeks, her coach Karthik came to me and told me that she was playing chess very well and we should apply for this record. I told him to wait for a few more days. But, then, I said ok as when she is ready why shouldn’t support her. I am proud of my daughter," the actress said.

Dr. Mohan Babu said, "Even today, I do not even know how to play chess. When Lakshmi informed me that Vidya Nirvana was learning Chess, I told her to better focus on her studies. She said no and told me that Vidya was interested to learn the game. I suggest that parents encourage their children in the fields they are interested in, other than studies, and they will reach great heights."