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'RRR' is between the devil and the deep blue sea


'Roudram Ranam Rudhiram' is facing the most unenvious situation conceivable for a pan-India film. Made at a huge cost (upwards of Rs 350 to 400 Cr), the movie is going to be released in theatres on January 7 at a time when the situation is utterly unpleasant in some markets and potentially dangerous in others.

The SS Rajamouli movie is between the devil and the deep blue sea. Here is why.

Devil: Delhi has shelved theatres. This market alone is expected to throw up losses to the tune of Rs 60 Cr or so for the film, assuming the film gets a super-hit talk.

In Maharashtra, a crucial market, the occupancy limits are depressing. At 50%, the collections will be sub-par. With the daily caseload going up, even this may become a luxury by the first week of January.

The buzz is that Karnataka, too, might do the same. Already, New Year parties have been nearly curbed there.

The Andhra Pradesh government has said that 'RRR' won't enjoy the privilege of extra shows or high ticket prices just because the movie's budget is high.

Deep sea: So, why not just postpone the movie? This is where the deep sea lies.

The buzz is that the makers have spent a bomb on promotions. A report has pegged the figure at Rs 50 Cr. If the film is postponed, this will have gone down the drain. A fresh bout of huge marketing investment will have to be made when the film releases in the future.

Interest costs are also said to be a factor.

And then there is the fear of Overseas buyers having to incur costs if the release is postponed, considering that they have been selling tickets thick and fast.

'RRR' will still be postponed if the situation gets out of hand across India in the coming days.