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'Bimbisara', 'Karthikeya 2' can lead to negative trends


Most of the time, creative aspects are not analyzed by the film media and film observers. Everyone keeps harping on non-creative aspects. But cinema is a creative medium.

'Bimbisara' has minted huge numbers, grossing more than Rs 40 Cr so far. 'Karthikeya 2', too, is on its way to becoming a hit. If it grosses even Rs 30 Cr, it will be terrific.

These two mind-blowing hits are expected to set Tollywood on a path of rediscovering some rare genres. From mystical adventure dramas to fantasy thrillers, from sci-fi entertainers to costume dramas, from semi-devotional commercial films to 'Devi Putrudu'-type experiments, we can expect Telugu cinema writers/directors to go on an exploratory path. If some big star joins the bandwagon, the sky is the limit.

But every time in the past, it was proven that those who get influenced to do something (let us call them followers) end up burning their fingers more often than not. It's because they go after what is the flavour of the season instead of being original in their thinking. If they were original, they wouldn't have waited for 'Bimbisara' and 'Karthikeya 2' in the first place. (Note: This rule doesn't apply to multi-genre and broad commercial entertainers. Genre films/experiments suffer from this weakness)

The audience are unforgiving. People tirelessly drew comparisons between 'Akhanda' and 'Acharya' even though the latter had a megastar headlining the film. Production houses will surely be commencing scripts of certain types after the two hits from Kalyan Ram and Nikhil Siddhartha this month. They better watch out for the shortcomings of unoriginal writers.