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Vijay Deverakonda must stop it right away!


'Liger' has failed to excite the Telugu audience content-wise. What is disappointing for Vijay Deverakonda is that his performance has not been praised as superlative by the audience. Yes, the actor is being loved but not the way he was expected to be loved.

That way, 'Liger' is Vijay failing as much as Puri Jagannadh failing. After 'Arjun Reddy' and 'Geetha Govindam', Vijay has barely delivered a wow performance. Some feel 'Dear Comrade' was great as far as his acting is concerned but this is not the majority view.

Forget that for a while. Vijay has always made bombastic claims before the release of his flops. Netizens are remembering how 'NOTA' was promoted with a touch of pomposity. Vijay said at that time that five States would be witnessing a rage at the box office. The film flopped everywhere.

In the case of 'Liger', he tweeted in 2020 that it would collect more than Rs 200 Cr. Just before the release of the film, he thundered that India will cent percent see a shaking box office performance on the release date.

Netizens are now trolling Vijay for big talk and low-on-quality results. He should stop bombast right away!