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Puri Jagannadh's worst idea ever: 'Good Citizen Cards'


Puri Jagannadh's worst ideas are not found in duds like 'Liger'. They are found in his latest Puri Musings podcast.

In the podcast, the filmmaker opines that the Government must issue a Good Citizen Card to individuals who do selfless social work. Those who run NGOs, orphanages, old-age homes, etc. must be incentivized with the cards, Puri says.

He further adds that the kids of the holders of Good Citizen Cards should be made eligible for reservations in jobs. "Let righteous people believe that they needn't wait for fruits in the afterlife for the good they do on Earth. Let them be rewarded here and now," Puri pontificates.

Puri's recommendation is laughable. When you run an orphanage with the expectation that your son or daughter will be eligible for quota, you are not doing charity. You are simply making an investment.

When something is done selflessly by an individual, why should the government make it look selfish by rewarding him or her? By definition, selflessness shouldn't come with benefits attached. As a Trivikram character once said, 'Intha chinna logic yela miss ayyav?'