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Hottest take: Heroes' high remunerations are their right!


Tollywood never runs out of controversies. The Telugu film industry has no match when it comes to manufacturing/perpetuating controversies at every turn. Last year, the MAA elections became an unseemly sight because egos ruled the roost over who was the ideal person to lead the 900-member body. A small election campaign hogged headlines for weeks because they were not tired of criticizing, abusing, and whatnot.

And now, the controversy is over bringing down production costs. Active Producers Guild wants to cut production costs, which have ostensibly become too high because of the excessive fees demanded by heroes and directors. This is an open secret.

If Bandla Ganesh is to be believed, the Guild is wrong. He has come up with a hot take. "Nobody has the right to ask heroes to reduce their fees. Just as not all SUVs have the same market rate, similarly not all actors are the same. Each hero has a certain range. If we know an actor's market value, we approach him and make a film with him. It's wrong to ask for a reduction of their remunerations," Bandla Ganesh opined.

Ganesh is having some fun commenting on the issue at a time when he is not producing any big-hero movie. On the other hand, those who regularly make movies with top heroes are expected to listen to his commentary. How delicious!