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Upendra trolled for silly post on ending wars like Russia-Ukraine


Kannada superstar Upendra is popular even in the Telugu States. He has been failing in the field of politics. On Sunday, the superstar tweeted a 'solution' to the problem of wars and conflicts in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war.

The actor, who is known for crazy entertainers, wrote, "People should start thinking of a world without leaders. This can be possible with the help of technologies like blockchain, Decentralised Transparent polling for public opinions. A warless peaceful world can only be achieved when the world becomes leaderless."

A Twitter user, laughing at Upendra's suggestion, asked him if a movie can be made without a director. Another Netizen wrote, "Don't know how blockchain helps. Without leaders, the world will be a headless chicken," he wrote, thanking God that Upendra is a political flop.

Another Netizen asked Upendra to stick to movies. "Your 'solutions' are fit for a few hours of entertainment. They don't work in the real world," he wrote.