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Defamation suit against Chiranjeevi is utterly silly!


Tamil actor Mansoor Ali Khan has been in the news ever since he made obnoxious remarks about his wish to do a rape scene with Trisha Krishnan in 'Leo'. Recently, there were reports that he was unhappy with Megastar Chiranjeevi openly condemning his remarks about Trisha. He has now filed a defamation suit against Chiranjeevi (and also against Khusbhu Sundar and Trisha herself).

A copy of the legal notice issued against the Megastar and the two others is in the public domain. The wording suggests that Mansoor has a weak case. In all likelihood, he will be admonished by the court for wasting its precious time.

In the suit, Mansoor implies that Chiru, Trisha and Khusbhu made public utterances against him without ascertaining that he had made those remarks about Trisha in the context of the negative roles he has played over many years in movies. The legal notice states quite the obvious. Did the three individuals say otherwise anywhere? They condemned Mansoor's mindset of wanting to normalize rape culture by openly talking about itching to do a rape scene. Even as an artist, one is not supposed to say they enjoy rape scenes.

Chiranjeevi opposed Mansoor on moral and ethical grounds. There can't be a case against him.