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After targeting Ram Charan, Kota criticizes Pawan Kalyan


Looks like Kota Srinivas Rao has got something against some actors. Last year, he made some unflattering remarks about Ram Charan. Kota commented that the Mega Power Star has made it to this stage because of his father, Chiranjeevi. On the other hand, Kota hailed Jr NTR in unambiguous terms in an interview, calling him the best actor among the current crop of heroes. He was talking about the 'RRR' pair in the interview.

And now, Kota has said that there is no need for actors to boast about their remunerations. Kota remarked that legends such as NTR and ANR never spoke about their fees publicly. He then proceeded to criticize Pawan Kalyan without invoking his name directly. "Today, we see stars saying that they receive Rs 2 Cr per day," Kota said.

The actor who recently made the 'Rs 2 Cr per day' claim is none other than Power Star. The 'Ustaad Bhagat Singh' star made the claim while addressing his supporters at a Jana Sena rally.

Pawan earned Rs 2 Cr per day for 23 days as remuneration for 'BRO'.