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Gopichand's biggest-ever disaster and Varisu prove something!


Gopichand's 'Rama Banam', which was released in theatres on May 5, has turned out to be a major flop. As per a trade report, the film made a share of a mere Rs 2.5 Cr in the first three days of its release. For a film made on a budget of more than Rs 20-25 Cr, the numbers are humiliating.

It is believed that, purely in percentage terms, 'Rama Banam' is the biggest flop in Gopichand's career.

The disaster must serve as a wake-up call. Director Sriwass projected the film as a touching and emotional family story. Actually, 'Rama Banam' is nothing but a run-of-the-mill 'Hero Vs Villain' story where the brother sentiment is a mere prop.

The failure of the film also proves the value of a well-made family drama like 'Varisu' ('Varasudu' in Telugu). It was a hit in Tamil and Telugu (yes, it did fairly well in Telugu as well) not just because of Vijay but also because Vamsi Paidipally knew how to portray the conflict and elevate the core emotion. The ensemble cast was made good use of. It was not a typical 'Hero Vs Villain' story. It lived up to its genre.

The failure of 'Rama Banam' and the success of 'Varisu' have to be a wake-up call for outdated filmmakers who are on their way out.