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Sorry, but Bigg Boss Sohel is ignorant!


This Friday, a family entertainer titled 'Bootcut Balaraju' was released in theatres. After a show at Prasads Multiplex in Hyderabad in the evening, Sohel spoke to the media and turned teary-eyed as Mukku Avinash consoled him. He asked what happened to those people who supported him when he participated in the Bigg Boss Telugu season in 2020. "Where are they? Why are they not coming to theatres when I have made a clean family film? Do I have to make films stuffed with steamy scenes for me to be taken seriously?" Sohel asked.

Sohel is speaking like it costs nothing to watch a movie in a theatre just like it doesn't cost anything to watch Bigg Boss on Star Maa. It is like saying, "When I made Dosas at my home, my guests used to savour it and rave about it. When I started a hotel, those same guests are not turning up." That's because your Dosa now costs Rs 60. Unlimited chutney doesn't matter.

The audience these days are making calculations about ticket prices even for big-star movies. Who is Sohel? Why will they watch Sohel's movies in theatres by spending Rs 100-150 on a ticket? He should have understood this much when his films like 'Lucky Lakshman' and 'Mr. Pregnant' flopped badly. No point in blaming the audience.

He must realize why even films of medium-range stars like Naga Chaitanya and Nithiin have seen shocking results at the box-office in recent years. Bigg Boss fame is like a bubble. Abijeet Duddala knew it and has done OTT shows like 'Miss Perfect' for good. He hasn't fancied his chances of playing lead roles in feature films meant for theatres. Same goes for Kaushal Manda. Sohel, on the other hand, has been adamant.