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'True Lover': Amid competition, they opt for low ticket prices


'True Lover' is set to hit the cinemas on February 10. The film is dubbed from Tamil. Mass Movie Makers and presenter Maruthi have opted for low ticket prices in Hyderabad. The multiplex ticket prices will be available at Rs 150, while the single screens tickets will be available at Rs 110. These are the highest rates.

The decision to lower the rates is sensible, given the competition from Ravi Teja's 'Eagle'.

The Tamil version will hit the cinemas on February 9. Early premieres in Chennai have resulted in glowing reviews from the Kollywood media.

In Hyderabad, the early paid premiers will be held on the evening of February 9. Producer SKN is confident that the film, starring Manikandan, Sri Gouri Priya Reddy and others, will be found to be intriguing. Directed by Prabhuram Vyas, the film is a multi-dimensional take on the art of moving on after failing in love. "Life is neither entirely right nor wrong. It depends on the perspective and context," the heroine recently said.