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'Siddharth Roy': More frustrated than Arjun Reddy


'Siddharth Roy' stars Deepak Saroj in the role of an angry lover boy who rages on and on. Its trailer suggests that the hero's characterization is a hat-tip to Arjun Reddy, portrayed by Vijay Deverakonda.

Director V Yeshasvi, however, says that the film is spiritually close to Yendamoori Veerendranath's novels. The celebrated novelist himself has developed the story of the February release.

The trailer, however, doesn't inspire confidence in the film's supposed originality. We are bombarded with visuals of the male protagonist romancing a woman and losing his cool. "As a person who doesn’t believe in love and emotions, he sets out with a philosophy that eating, sleeping and sex are the three basic needs which are sufficient to lead life. However, once he starts enjoying love and emotions, the conflict within himself results in his downfall. At one stage, he even has to steal food from beggars," the makers said, sounding more confused than the protagonist.

Sam K Naidu (cinematographer), Radhan (music director) and Prawin Pudi (editor) are working on the movie.