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Sudheer Babu, Kartikeya regret platforming Praneeth


Sudheer Babu today expressed his regret about platforming Praneeth Hanumanthu in his recent movie, 'Harom Hara'. "I feel so disgusted by the fact we had Praneeth Hanumanthu casted in my film. Sincere apologies from me and my entire team. We didn't know what a pathetic creature this man is. It wasn't in my knowledge," the 'V' and 'Sammohanam' actor said today. Praneeth is a content creator who has been booked for promoting pedophilic content on YouTube.

"We should make sure these sick minds don't have a platform for the filth they wanna spread. This isn't freedom of speech by any means," Sudheer Babu wrote on X with palpable anger.

Karitkeya Gummakonda, who was interviewed ahead of the release of 'Bhaje Vaayu Vegam' by Praneeth and another content creator who is equally guilty of generating pedophilic content, wrote, "I feel cracking such demeaning jokes on others has become a trend these days among those who claim themselves to be cool/new-age and they are doing that because many of us are encouraging such content and they are going on and on reaching upto this level. Hereon, let's not encourage such content."

The 'RX 100' actor added, "While constructive criticism and healthy jokes are good, this kind of demeaning thing will only take us back as society."