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'Kill' warnings: Why don't southern filmmakers learn from Bollywood?


'Kill' (Hindi) has been marketed as one of the most violent Indian films ever. It was released in theatres on July 5.

The producers, Dharma Productions, made sure viewers knew what they were getting into. Their promotional materials carried clear warnings about the film's intense violence and suggested viewer discretion.

This approach contrasts with some southern Indian films. For instance, the recent Tamil film 'Maharaja' was promoted as family-friendly by social media influencers, even though it wasn't suitable for children.

Telugu films do occasionally use warnings, but they often feel more like promotional tools than genuine efforts to inform parents. It's rare to see a Telugu movie, particularly a violent one, actively discourage children from watching.

A few filmmakers (like Sandeep Reddy Vanga) are upfront about the adult-only nature of certain scenes in their movies. But there is no consensus in the Telugu film industry about how movies have to be marketed responsibly.