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Payal Rajput's 'Rakshana' arrives with zero buzz


Payal Rajput's 'Rakshana' was released in theatres this Friday. All the buzz was grabbed by 'Manamey' and 'Satyabhama'. Only two films went unnoticed: 'Rakshana' and 'Love, Mouli'.

Co-starring Shivannarayana, Maanas, Rajeev Kanakala, Vinod Bala, and Anand Chakrapani, 'Rakshana' has been described as an outdated movie with poor technical quality. Routine scenes and slow pacing have also affected it badly. The film was shot in 2019 and partly after the pandemic. So, some of the scenes in the movie are nearly five years old.

In today's times, it is shocking that filmmakers continue to be reckless while making investigative thrillers. Don't they know that OTT platforms are offering the best to the viewers in English, Hindi and southern Indian languages like Malayalam? Why do they even make cop films when they have nothing new to offer.

Payal hasn't promoted 'Rakshana' much because of a beef with the film's producer. On top of mediocrity, this film was also battered by controversy. Had Payal promoted the film, a few thousand people would have got to know of its existence at least.

Payal was seen last year in 'Mangalavaaram', which was an average box-office grosser and an OTT hit.