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Vijay Sethupathi's 'Maharaja' is not for family audience: Netizens


'Maharaja', starring Vijay Sethupathi in the role of a barber who complains to the cops about a stolen dust-bin, has been doing well at the box-office in both Tamil and Telugu. However, the film is not family-friendly despite the lack of vulgarity.

Netizens are found advising parents not to carry their children along with them to theatres. "This is more of a 18+ movie. There is no nudity or sex in 'Maharaja', but the depiction of violence is graphical," a social media user says.

The film has also been criticized by a section of critics for being heavy with the male gaze. "The portrayal of sexual assault in films directed by male filmmakers is rarely apt. The feelings and experiences of women are rarely taken into consideration by male directors. The case is the same in the case of 'Maharaja' as well," a critic wrote.

A prominent film critic feels that a lot of scenes in the movie are "redundant". The screenplay is inspired by a South Korean movie, Netizens say.