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Interview of Arjun Ambati about 'Sundari'


'Sundari', starring Poorna as the protagonist, will be released in theatres on August 13. In this interview, actor Arjun Ambati talks about his role in the movie, his journey so far and more.

The director 'Sundari', Kalyan, contacted me via social media for the role. Although the movie's story is centered around Poorna's character, my character has got a wide range.

It was a pleasure working with Poorna, who is a superb performer and can pull off any variation. Although she is a senior, she never made me feel conscious about it. 'Sundari' tells the story of a village-bred wife and a city-born husband. My character has got two shades, both positive and negative.

I have acted in 'Ardha Naari' and was seen as a villain in Gopichand garu's 'Soukhyam'. I have acted in a lot of movies since then but none of them got much buzz. My TV stint has been great. 'Sundari' has got a lot of buzz going for it.

I want to become a versatile actor. In one of the movies, I played a transgender. I don't mind playing any kind of role. I hail from Vijayawada and come from an IT background. A friend of mine is a costume designer and did my first stint casually.

I am a fan of SV Ranga Rao garu, the late actor. My father and his elder brother were famous distributors. Some flop movies caused heavy losses. When I wanted to step into the movie industry, my elders reprimanded me. They wanted me to earn a regular salary in the IT industry.

'Sundari' was wrapped up super quick. I never imagined that the output would be so good. We are fully satisfied and are confident that our risk will pay off.

I think 'Sundari' will fetch me the maximum name after 'Ardha Naari'. I have shown new acting shades and it was a pleasure working on the movie.

I don't see any distinction in the way I approach TV and films. This I realized when I auditioned for a role in 'Pushpa'. Sukumar garu asked me about a TV serial. I was tensed that he might be seeing TV as inferior. But such a big director saying that acting in a TV serial is not a small thing ended my apprehensions.

Updated on August 11, 2021