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Interview of Naga Chaitanya about Love Story


'Love Story' will head to the theatres on September 24. Starring Naga Chaitanya as the lead man, the film has Sai Pallavi as the female lead. In this interview, Naga Chaitanya talks about the film, working with Sai Pallavi and Sekhar Kammula, his future projects, and more.

Q. Are you confident or nervous?
I am confident about the movie's success. But, I am still nervous about the theatrical presence. Because, as of now I see the families getting out of the pandemic trauma and coming out. But, I am still not sure if people would actually want to come to theaters.

Q. We have heard that Love Story's climax has been changed? Did you have a different climax earlier?
We did change the climax shot. But, there are no different climaxes. We just had 7-8 months of gap after the movie was completed. So, we went for another climax for the sake of perfection. That's all.

Q. What did you learn from Shekhar Kammula?
. Every filmmaker has his own style. But, Shekhar's range of commitment and dedication is of another level. I just grasped so many things during the shooting time with him.

Q. What is this movie all about?
. 'Love Story' doesn't belong to one genre. Shekhar has touched two sensitive layers, which I loved. Caste and gender bias are the two things touched with much sense in this movie. Shekhar maintained these two topics in the truest form. I have been waiting to address such issues as well. So, happy that this movie happened.

Q. Do you feel responsible about bringing the Film Industry back to the form with this movie?
. Yes. I wish this movie would give a break to the backlogs created due to this pandemic. I want this movie to be a hit, if not for my team, for the industry at least.

Q. The dialogues look realistic in the trailers. How do you feel?
. I always wanted things to be close to reality in my movies. I am glad it happened to be in Majili to some extent. In Love Story, there isn't much cinematic liberty, with everything much closer to reality. So, it is good for me.

Q. In Shekhar Kammula's movies the female roles are given more importance. Is it the same with Love Story?
. I would say both the roles are designed to portray realistic characters. Importance wise it isn't anything that has priority. Both the roles are given equal importance.

Q. How about your Telangana slang in the movie?
I had prepared very well with this dialect. The lockdown helped to a great extent. I had time to prepare for dubbing and Shekhar sent me a few articles related to the small town lower-middle-class lives.

Q. We see you have done a great job in 'dance'?
. Shekhar master took so much care of my dancing skills. He has been supportive ever since Sailaja Reddy Alludu. He caught my body language well and designed the moves with so much consideration. I thank him for being so patient.

Q. The music has become viral. How do you feel?
It is a great feeling. My previous movies Saahasam Swasaga Saagipo, Majili, Ye Maya Chesave, Dhada, and a few more had good music. But, this album is completely viral and that makes me happy.

Q. Is Aamir Khan watching the movie then?
I must call him to arrange for a show there. I have kept that noted.

Q. What created so much rapport with Aamir Khan?
. I was being myself on the sets of Laal Singh Chaddha. He is so much like me and hence we got connected. He happened to me for good. I like his company so much. He is such a humble man and I have learned many things from him.

Q. Don't you target pan-India content?
We Telugu people have a strong culture. So, I don't prefer compromising on those strong points for the sake of expansion. If greater movies happen, then I am fine with it.

Updated on September 23, 2021