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Interview of Ganesh Ravuri about Varudu Kaavalenu


Ganesh Ravuri, the dialogue writer of 'Varudu Kaavalenu', is happy that the Naga Shaurya-Ritu Varma movie has been accepted by the audience. In this interview, he talks about how he got on board, working with director Lakshmi Sowjanya and producer China Babu, what makes the film special, and more.

I entered the project years after director Lakshmi Sowjanya started working on the script. It was producer China Babu garu who felt that my dialogues will rev up the mood. He liked the version that I wrote and made me a writer. I reworked a few scenes that had been written. The scene where the hero convinces the father of a staff member of the heroine and other such important scenes were well-etched.

I liked the concept of the heroine falling in love with the hero twice. I felt the emotions are potentially deep. The lead pair has got their share of secrets as per the story. For some or other reason, they can't speak frankly and elaborately. Their boundaries are narrow.

The humour is situational in the film. It was thus not easy. Saptagiri's character was not there in the original script. Vennela Kishore's comedy was to be there in the wedding portions. Since his dates were not available, we wrote a character that stands in contrast to the lazy servant. Pammi Sai is sluggish and Saptagiri hates slow people. The contrast has generated a lot of humour.

It's because of the elaborate and detailed first half (in the present Ritu Varma plays an entrepreneur) that the heroine's character has been understood better by the audience. The story takes a leap by eight years. What transpired after the lead pair's college days and before the present day is not shown in the movie.

I have always seen Trivikram garu as a huge inspiration. He didn't suggest many changes after watching the final copy. His approval was a testimony that our film is good. I followed his style of being natural and minimal in key scenes. Trivikram garu's style is unique that way and I have followed in his footsteps.

I used to be a film critic before becoming a dialogue writer. I was associated with 'Lovely' and 'Solo Brathuke So Better' as a writer before 'VK'.

The version of a movie that the audience gets to watch in the end is what has been agreed upon by the core team of the movie. There are always differences between writers and director over many things. But some consensus has to be reached somehow.

Murali Sharma garu's character is receiving an encouraging response. Many are feeling that his dialogues are spot-on from the perspective of unmarried daughters. China Babu garu's vision was what was brought out in a way. The chemistry between the hero and heroine is also neat. They don't even touch each other.

I think I have satisfied the majority of the audience. My work has been recognized. I have received phone calls from several directors after the movie's release. China Babu garu's compliment is the best one that I have got. He is a very restrained producer and doesn't laugh easily. He was the first audience of my movie.

Now that I am free to work on new ideas, I am doing it. Doing 'Varudu Kaavalenu' was a time-consuming affair.

Updated on November 2, 2021