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'Ravanasura' has me in a dignified lawyer's role: Faria Abdullah


Faria Abdullah of 'Jathi Ratnalu' fame will be seen as a lawyer in 'Ravanasura'. The Ravi Teja-starrer hits the cinemas on April 7. "I am not scared of competition. I am sure that I will continue to act even beyond the age of 40. Even if others stop casting me, I can don the mantle of a filmmaker. I will definitely want to wield the megaphone," Faria says in this interview. Faria also talks about other things in this interview.

Kanaka Maha Lakshmi is my character's name in 'Ravanasura'. She is from a well-to-do family. Unlike in 'Jathi Ratnalu', she is a competent lawyer (smiles). The character is versatile. She is a senior lawyer. I have combination scenes with Megha Akash; she is the only female actor with whom I share screen space. It's a performance-oriented role involving emotions. Sriram will be seen as my husband.

The courtroom scenes are few in the movie. I had to enter into certain mind space to imbibe a dignified body language. Sometimes, actors pull inputs from their subconscious mind while playing a role. Thinking too much is not required.

There is a breakup song in the movie shot on me and others. It comes in the flashback. We had lots of fun shooting it. It's a thriller and therefore, I shouldn't divulge much.

Working with Ravi Teja garu is the best thing to happen to me since 'Jathi Ratnalu'. He is a fabulous human from whom there is a lot to learn. He is a self-made artist who has a lot to teach others. He is also one of the producers of 'Ravanasura'. He makes you feel comfortable and is always super-friendly. I learned from him the virtue of patience. He once told me to try many things so that some of them fall in place at least!

It was Srikanth Vissa who narrated the story, as he is the writer. I got to meet with Sudheer Varma much later. His directorial style transcends the routine. For any actor, that's a blessing. When I met him, I asked him to make me dance (laughs). My song has got 'teen maar' beats, which I enjoyed doing.

I try to keep my expectations always low. That's because the future is unpredictable. I never expected that 'Jathi Ratnalu' would become such a blockbuster. Real power is when people respect you for your work. I want people to respect me for my work. For me, my craft is spiritual. I want people to talk about me and my Tollywood background in other languages. I like to experiment. I want to play action-oriented roles, do period films, do negative roles, and play a queen or princess... Biopics are difficult, as the actor would have to embody the real-life person.

I don't believe in the tag of female-oriented films. The very tag puts off a large section of the audience. Female-centric films don't have a market. If the market grows, I would want to be a part of it.

I am a selective actress. I am expanding my horizons by entering other industries like Tamil (with Vijay Antony and director Suseenthiran; the film is titled 'Vallimayil') and Hindi (it is an OTT show). I am clear about where I want to be five years down the line. I want to work with certain people and I am ready to wait for them to offer me roles. I don't want to have regrets; there is a danger that disappointments grow in your mind and become harmful in the long run. 

Updated on March 21, 2023