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'Pareshan' is a comedy where characters are anxious: Thiruveer


'Pareshan' is slated to hit the cinemas on June 2. Rana Daggubati, the presenter of the village-based comedy, is counting on the film to become a theatrical hit. Thiruveer of 'George Reddy', 'Palasa 1978' and the more recent 'Masooda' fame plays its male lead. In this interview, the actor talks about the movie co-starring Pavani Karanam as the heroine. He says that writer-director Rupak Ronaldson has made a rooted comedy. Yashwanth Nag (music) and Vasu Pendem (cinematographer) have worked on the movie. Produced by Siddharth Rallapalli, the film has been edited by Hari Shankar TN and the director himself.

The films that I have done so far were the ones that I had no choice but to choose, be it 'Ghazi', the recent 'Masooda' or the rest. I didn't have the luxury to pick movies! None of them were planned. It is only lately that I am making plans. I now have the luxury to choose. 'Pareshan' was shot before 'Tuck Jagadish', an Amazon Prime web series, 'Masooda' and two other projects. It's finally hitting the cinemas this week, thanks to Rana garu taking over. When Rana garu watched the movie at Ramanaidu Studios, he was laughing throughout. He enjoyed the movie and decided to present it.

Even after Rana garu's entry, the script was not changed. Perhaps, the running time was trimmed based on proper feedback. The director's imaginary world has been retained. The story is set in Singareni and involves some jobless youths.

I auditioned for the role in 'Pareshan' and got through. I didn't even read the script. During the audition, I was asked to try to woo a woman. I found the writing refreshing and real. My father in the movie is a pastor in a church. Everything about this movie is so fresh. After coming to know 3-4 scenes, I became confident and gave the nod without reading the script.

The geography of the film, the characterizations - everything is so fresh. The story also blends the Christian social with other elements. The portrayal of issues in the movie is light-veined. Nowhere have we offended anybody's sentiments. Our director is a Christian by faith. His father and brother are pastors. The comedy originates from the characters' naivety, quirks, idiosyncracies, duels, et al.

I feel fortunate that the slangs I use in my movies suit me perfectly. They elevate my performance. 'Pareshan' is an out-and-out comedy where every single character is under pressure or anxious.

Ever since the trailer was released, memers and YouTube channels have been increasingly engaging with the movie. Many unfamiliar actors will find their footing after this movie. They will be remembered after their names in the movie. The names are funny and they will be etched in the minds of the audience.

Our director is a cool guy. He never over-reacts to anything. He wrote 'Pareshan' before 2017. He has literally immersed himself in the world of the film and its characters. Although he has directed 'Kobbari Matta' before, it is 'Pareshan' that is his voice. He spent eight months on editing, and a year on BGM. In short, our film took 20 months for post-production.

'Pareshan' is an out-and-out Telangana movie. So much so, our producer, who hails from Andhra, could not understand the lyrics of one of the songs. When asked what was the point of such a song, our director answered that he wants the film to be bona fide. Every scene in the movie is enjoyable right from the word go. Recently, we screened the movie for a group of audience in Vijaywaada. They enjoyed the movie like anything.

I have given the nod to 3-4 movies. A movie will go on the floors by the end of June. One of them is a thriller, another is a socio-fantasy, and the third one is a period drama. A film with Kiran Abbavaram is also in the works. A few other projects are also in the pipeline. Films like 'George Reddy', 'SIN' (Aha Video), and 'Tuck Jagadish' cast me in negative roles. It took 'Masooda' to wash away the image. Directors now know that I can play good boy roles as well.  

Updated on May 30, 2023