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'Ustaad' is about an aspirational protagonist meant for youngsters: Kavya Kalyanram


Kavya Kalyanram says that 'Ustaad', to be released in theatres on August 12, will surely garner the support of college-goers and those at their young age. The film's trailer has struck a chord with students, she says with glee. The 'Balagam' actress describes 'Ustaad' as a culturally strong drama. She talks about her meaty role in the film, besides giving a taste of the kind of drama that we can expect from the Phanideep directorial.

The output is very good and the entire team is happy. 'Ustaad' is going to be released in the same week as 'Bholaa Shankar' and 'Jailer'. We have made the movie with so much love.

'Ustaad' is essentially the journey of the male lead Surya, played by Sri Simha Koduri. Surya's journey from a teenager to becoming a pilot is what the film is about. Starting with him buying a bike, named Ustaad, his life undergoes several changes. His mother, his captain (played by Gautham Menon), the mechanic, and Meghana (his love interest played by me) affect the direction of his life. Surya is a flawed protagonist. He is far from perfect. He is a character with temper issues. He is stubborn, emotionally unstable and gets piqued easily. It is Meghana who impacts him in a positive way. He brings about a change in his personality.

While the film is primarily Surya's, Meghana, too, has an arc of her own. It's a story told from Surya's perspective. But if we look at it from her perspective, she is an ambitious girl from a traditional, middle-class family in Telangana. Her father is a government employee. Meghana doesn't want to settle for a government job. She studies with the aim of pursuing an MBA. Girls are expected to satisfy their father's dreams and their mother's wishes. Meghana is strong-willed.

I am a fan of Gautham Menon, but I don't have combination scenes with him. Our director, too, is a huge fan. The captain's character was written with him in mind. I think 'Ustaad' has got the influences of Menon's filmmaking style somewhere. The story's narration starts and ends with Menon's character. His character is very close to how he is in real life. The captain in this film is sarcastic and yet cool. He is like those bosses who are sarcastic but fun-oriented otherwise.

We screened Ustaad's trailer for college students many hours before the digital release. It was a fresh attempt. Students and youngsters will surely connect with 'Ustaad', considering Surya's aspirational journey is relatable. Writer-director Phanideep has really done a very good job.

'Ustaad' has got music by a debutant (Akeeva B). The songs flow organically and each of them is a story-driven montage song. The BGM is another stand-out asset. The focus of the songs was not on catchiness. It was on their relevance to the story.

'Balagam' was made as a small film. Fortunately, it turned out to be a major hit. I feel lucky that I got to do 'Masooda', 'Balagam' and now 'Ustaad'. Star and actor are different concepts. Projects are set up for stars. On the other hand, actors come in after a project is materialized. The feeling of being chosen for interesting characters itself is a great one!

I don't agree that Telugu girls haven't been accepted by Tollywood filmmakers. Sridevi ruled the hearts of Indians. In the case of 'Ustaad', I was picked mainly because I know Telugu. That said, I can't expect opportunities to fall in my lap just because I know the language. I need to possess acting talent. Knowing the language is a big plus and that's all there is to it.

I have got some offers in my kitty. But I can't talk about them right now without the makers' permission.  

Updated on August 9, 2023