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I play a corrupt constable in 'Changure Bangaru Raja': Goldie Nissy


Goldie Nissy will be seen in 'Changure Bangaru Raja' as the male lead's love interest. 'CBR', produced by Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja, is slated to hit the cinemas on September 15. In this interview, Nissy says that she plays a character with scope for performance in the comedy entertainer. "I would like to do all kinds of roles as an artist," she adds. Producer Ravi Teja, she reveals, complimented her and other actors.

I have done short films previously as a freelancer. Bagging a feature film is every artist's dream. I took a break from short films and started giving auditions for two years. As a Telugu girl, I captured the attention of some industry folks. I am happy to be a part of the Telugu film industry at a time when cliches and stereotypes have been broken. Telugu-speaking girls are getting more offers.

I was brought up in Bengaluru. We moved to Hyderabad some ten years ago. My single mother has been with me right from the time I started giving auditions. She is very supportive, and never stopped me from realizing my dream just because I am a girl. 'Goldie' is not my birth name. It is a nickname my mother gave me. I have also been a model. While pursuing Engineering, I evinced interest in acting. I won a Miss Smile beauty contest and such pursuits boosted my confidence.

'Changure Bangaru Raja' is my first major feature film. I bagged for this role after giving an audition. Manga Ratnam is my character's name. She is a corrupt constable. Bangaru Raju (Karthik Ratnam) crosses paths with her. I interacted with a cop to understand the body language of a constable, how a constable is supposed to stand and salute, etc. I have combination scenes with Karthik Ratnam as well as (comedian) Satya. It was exciting working with Satya.

Each and every character you have seen in the trailer is relevant to the story of 'CBR'. The story is iterated and reiterated from the perspective of four different characters. Director Satish Varma's script was so clear-cut that the artists never had any questions. There was no ambiguity.

I have not faced any struggle so far as a Telugu girl. However, the reasons for rejecting me after auditions used to sound ridiculous. I don't know why I faced so many rejections.

Updated on September 13, 2023