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'Aa Okkati Adakku' is a perfect family comedy drama: Producer Rajiv Chilaka


'Aa Okkati Adakku', starring Allari Naresh in the lead, is scheduled to hit the cinemas on May 3. Debutant producer Rajiv Chilaka says that Chilaka is not a surname but his nickname. He also believes that it is his lucky charm. "That's why I have named my banner as Chilaka Productions," the newcomer adds. In this interview, the producer talks about the film's USP. He expresses delight in getting to work with Allari Naresh.

When I wanted to make a debut as a producer, I was not sure about the genre. I kept my options open that way. Director Malli Ankam came up with a story that had comedy and a message in it. Also, it didn't require us to be expansive in terms of locations.

Allari Naresh was the first choice to play the male lead. He is an established actor who suited the script.

Marriage is a relatable issue and late marriages/the surging proportion of bachelors are real social problems. These days, it is easier to settle down in life career-wise rather than get married. With urbanization, people are finding matches through matrimony sites rather than with the help of friends/relatives. 'AOA' touches upon these issues in an entertaining way. Issues that affect youngsters and those who are in their mid-30s have been dealt with. In some societies, later marriages have become extremely commonplace. We have tried to explain the causes and the ramifications of acting in haste. Naive people get conned all the time by, say, mediators. The treatment is comedy, while there is also drama. This is a perfect family film with tuneful songs as an asset.

There is a twist in the tale for sure. It's for the audience to find out for themselves. These days, the audience expect twists in movies. The screenplay will hold the audience's interest from start to end. The title of the movie is mentioned by characters in different situations. Faria Abdullah is strong on comedy timing.

I come from an animation background. My animation company is 20 years old. It's a difficult industry where it takes a lot of effort to establish yourself. It's also labour-intensive. I employ about 800 employees there. It's not easy to keep up with salary-related expenses. I am a risk-conscious producer. I have done six animation films so far. I am currently doing another animation movie. 'Chhota Startup', which is about entrepreneurship among children, is out latest release. 'AOA' is my first feature-length mainstream film. While doing the film, I faced issues related to scheduling, etc. A lot of hard work goes into promotions, ensuring that the censor process happens in time, etc.

Updated on April 25, 2024