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J.D.Chakravarthi Interview


His foray in to cine field started as J.D in 'Shiva' and transformed in to J.D.Chakravarthi. Gained much recognition later with his series of films…. Gulabi, Satya, Bombayi Priyudu. He acted in many more movies and acquired a stable position in the audience. On the occasion of release of his movie 'Golmaal', Ragalahari met him. The following is the conversation we had…

Your introduction to films…. How did it begin?
From my childhood, I have lot of interest in movies. All the kids dream to be a doctor or engineer and feel happy adding the initials of concerned designation beside their names. Even I felt so thrilled in writing Cine artist below my name when I was a kid. My mom didn't pluck that bud of desire, though I was just a kid, instead she encouraged me. But I haven't made any attempt to act. Uttej (actor and writer),my close friend was working as Asst.director when I was in Engg.second year. One day, he came and admitted, As an Asst.director, everybody is ignoring me, I should show what I'm. Brother, come in your car and meet me. Those days, I was his only friend possessing car. Exuberantly, I went in my car to Prasad lab. A big queue confronted me. I ignored it and went forward. Artists like Kadambari Kiran and all were lined in that queue. We too do know acting. That is what for we're standing, comeback. They yelled out sarcastically. I was confused. I blabbered something in english that I'm Uttej's friend and so on. We too are Uttej's friends, they counteracted. Meanwhile, Uttej appeared there. He informed me that they all came for artist selections. As he was occupied with all these, he made me to sit in a room and told me that he'll take to his room later. On seeing all of them in a queue, I did feel like standing behind them and go for the selections. But I went there on different purpose, so I remained silent.

What happened later?
After some time, Uttej took me to his room. He left me alone in the room for a while as he went out on some work. Just as it happened in some movie, one man embraced in Jeans, white T-shirt wearing cooling glasses came out of the bathroom. I glanced at him once and sat calm. 'Ok, what's your name, what did you study?' he questioned me. After answering those, he told me to do something. 'What to do' I questioned. 'Arey, do something' he again repeated. I too repeated my question. 'You came so far, you must be having something in mind' he declared .I was perplexed for sometime and remained so as I couldn't trace what the discussion was for. Meanwhile, Uttej entered the room. 'Who is this man asking me to do something' I enquired Uttej. He apologized his Sir and introduced me to him. Only then, I came to know that he's Ram Gopal Verma. Actually, I don't know that he was inside the bathroom. I was about to leave the room. He called me back and enquired whether I like to act. 'Much interested' I replied. He asked me to perform something and show .I expressed my inability to do then and there. He gave a dialogue and provided 10 days to perform it after. After going back home, I felt 10 days sounds so big. I telephoned him to say that I'll be ready next day with my dialogue. Later day, I met him. Screen test was done. Yarlagadda Surendra garu, Ramu garu and 2 others were also present. I acted in 6 different forms for the same dialogue. Screen test came out well. But I was little tensed in front of the camera. Surendra garu complimented my performance. But also, he remarked how I would be acting infront of 6000,6 lakhs and 6 million in future when I'm feeling nervous just before 6 of them. 'Impressing this six matters a lot in getting an opportunity to face those 6 lakhs. You visualized that fear in me to convince this six' I confessed and quit the place. Surendra garu must have acknowledged Ramu garu about this. Ramu garu like my answer. In this manner, I got introduced as artist and as Asst director under Ramu garu.

Free movement is obvious in your acting! You possess that nature or acts according to the director?
That is done based on my interest .A little difficulty surfaced up in convincing the directors in the beginning. Brahmanandam garu puts his hand on my shoulder in 'Money money' movie. To make him fly, I says a dialogue, 'Adhi cheyya, inapa rodda'. Infact, I have to say this dialogue immediately after he puts his hand on my shoulder. Instead, I added an expression in between. This was liked by Ramugaru.This is what's everyone is looking for now. Dialogues sounds too heavy when a male actor embraces a female role in any movie. In general, a woman doesn't use such strong dialogues. I admire Kamalhasan in this matter. He acted so naturally in ' Bhaamane..Satyabhaamane'. I adore such free movement. That is what is seen in my performance. Suppose a heavy dialogue like 'I love you' is to be delivered, people add so much artificiality to it. There's no necessity to exaggerate when the word possess power to itself. Suppose if we consider my dialogue in 'Shiva', 'Era dhaanni muttukunte antha paurusham vacchindha!'It is a powerful sentence and requires no exaggerated expression. So, I casually said it.

How did the initials J.D got prefixed to your name?
The name of the character in my first picture 'Shiva' is J.D. From then, I inherited those initials. To be lucky, my first movie is not some 'Stupid'. Then I would have been called as 'Stupid' Chakravarthi [Giggling].

How you act with beard in every movie?
First impression is the best impression, but I say it's the last impression. On seeing me with beard in 'Shiva', I was asked to do so in the next movie and its history has been continuing so.

Satya is a memorable movie in your career! Share with us those memories!
I struggled a lot for 'Satya' movie. Usually, naturality is seen in my action. Ramu garu asked me to give the best. I solely consumed tea and coffee skipping food after listening to 'Satya' story. I was not habituated with cigarattes, even now I don't smoke. Inspite of that, I puffed cigarettes for this movie. Unconscious hesitation, boundless anger, couldn't prompt anything even when I want to speak, moodiness…. All these characterized in my face by the third day shooting. You observe, all these resemble my character in 'Satya'. 'Satya' disturbed me immensely. After a movie is done, one should renounce thinking of that character. That shouldn't have any repercussions on the next picture. After 'Satya', I couldn't come out of that web for 6,7 months. I quit the place in irritation when my friends asked me to dance or share a joke. In usual, I do lot of clamor forcing them to dance etc.

How you say that didn't relish the success of 'Satya'?
If I was just an artist in it, I would have definitely enjoyed such huge success. Moreover, it is my first movie in Bollywood.Perhaps, editing, dubbing, sinking, sound designing, mixing…were my tasks other than being an artist. All these consumed some months. 'Satya' was dubbed in to 3 languages (Telugu, Tamil, Hindi) at a time. I strained the maximum, physically for this movie. I awaited it's completion .I went to 'Hey Raj' theater to watch the first show on the day of release. Speaker on the left side was not functioning. Being a technician for that movie, I got so exacerbated. In that mood of irritation, I left the theater and found Ramu standing there. I informed him the matter when asked about it. He recommended to complain to DTS.On finding none, Asst.director and myself repaired the speaker and set it ready by interval. How I could have enjoyed the success, then. That moodiness and anger sustained even after the movie.

How did you recover from it?
I could get over this only after 'Premaku velaayera' cinema. I suggested Krishna Reddy garu to ditch songs and do story alone. He made a fuss for speaking so when he's confiding in me. I was not totally recovered from 'Satya' hangover when I was asked to dance for 'Thala Thala thaaraka laaga' song in his picture. Amidst that anger, I yelled, 'You want me to dance that's it, nah!'I finished the dance, went aside and sat. Later, I became normal.

What kind of characters do you like the most?
Rama is a good boy, no bad habits, and ideal person…. Audience cannot accept me in such characters. Even if I dare to do, they cannot digest it. On glancing at me, people think that I have 20 girl friends, puffs cigarattes, wakes up with a beer bottle in hand…I do not have any of these habits. An actor can have a boundary till anywhere. But in audience perception, actor has a limited boundary. If I try to overcome that, facing flops becomes inevitable.

You seems to have got a wide gap?
Nothing like gap. It is 11 months since 'Premaku Swaagatham'was released. That's not a big gap. When I'm not seen on the screen for 5-6 months, audience kept this gap in their mind, which means I'm still in their hearts.

Your character in W/o Varaprasad has Villianism, I presume?
None of them like it. My Mom and my friends gave bad remarks. Somebodyelse was supposed to enroll that character. When he disagreed after listening to the story, then Ramu garu challenged him that he'll take the movie with me. He telephoned me and called me for the opening of the movie. I accepted. I didn't even know the story. Day after that inauguration, I heard the story. Ramu garu wished to give a good break with that character but it became a flop.

How to achieve success?
Achieving what you want with lot of confidence in it is 'Success'. Not 'One' can bag the credit for success of any movie. Suppose 'Gulabi's success is attributed to me or Krishna Vamsi or Maheswari,how can our next movies be flops?! Ram Gopal Verma garu is a big director. Was he responsible for the flop of 'Dheyyam' cinema? Is 'Premakatha' movie up to his mark? Doesn't his movies become hit later? Not 'One' is responsible for a flop or a hit but TEAM WORK…Success definitely be achieved when team materializes in to action what the director requires.

Your favorite music director?
Ilayaraja garu.I like all his songs. If he composes any song, I definitely hear it.

yYour favorite song which he composed?
'Maate manthramu, manase bandhamu'is my favorite song.

Then, among singers?
Whoelse, S.P.Balasubrahmanyam and P.Susila.That delicateness and sweetness in their voices aren't found in anybodyelse [in telugu].

Heard that you sing songs?
To beat Balu, I sang 'Jaaamuraathiri Jaabilamma'in 'Kshana kshanam'. It did clicked. Later, I just sang 2,3 songs.

Any unforgettable instance in your career?
To see myself first time on the screen…Ilayaraja garu composing music for that film…really an unforgettable experience.

Besides which heroine,do you feel more comfortable?
I'm comfortable almost with all.

Folks say J.D and Maheswari of 'Gulabi' makes a good pair?!
It must be audience perspective.In my perception,Ramba and myself can be so. 'Bombaayi priyudu'was a hit. 'Kodhanda Raamudu'din't fair well.Many rumours grew up after 'Gulabi' movie.Even in newspapers.Once my aunt called up to my house and asked my mom, 'What Chakravarthi and Maheswari got married and sent you out of the house?!' For that my Mom 'Yes,it's true,who told this to you?!'Then my aunt exclaimed.My mom replied 'What else then…you rang up to my house…I received it ..that means I'm inside the house'.Look,even the relatives who had seen me growing up believed the news in the paper and telephoned.audience react to such news soon.But there's no truth in this rumour.

Your favourite artists?
Amitabh,Chandra Mohan,Jayasudha,Brahmanadham,Gummadi,Rajendra prasad,Sudhakar…no need to mention NTR .Everybody admires him.

Your favourite heroine?
Normally beauty is considered in selecting the heroine.But I like every heroine.

Your favourite producer?
Not at all Ram Gopal Verma! He din't give me a penny [Giggling].I like myself as a producer.

Do tell us about the movies you produced?
I was a Co-producer for many movies.Direct producer for 'Peru leni cinema[Paapa kosam]', 'Harischandra[Anni abaddhaale],Durga[Hindi].

'Suri' picture was a flop in telugu.Why did you remake it as 'Durga' in hindi?
'Suri' comprised 11 reels.But 4 more reels were not done because of some confrontations.We released 11 reels which were finished by then.Because of the patch work,it flopped.It would have been a hit if it was completed.I had to invest more money to produce it in hindi.It became an unconscious burden.all these are unconscious mistakes. 'Kodhanda Raamudu', 'Nenu premisthunnanu'..all these are average films.

Your hobbies?
I don't have anything like hobby..i allot certain time for certain things.watching movies,playing cricket..i don't think they are hobbies…I feel they are also tasks to be done in that time. Q.What sort of image you like to have in the audience? Audience doesn't like me in serious roles.Some are suitable for only some characters.An element of humour is seen in any serious character of Brahmanandam garu in 'Money money' or any other movie.When such a person did 'Baabai hotel', audience couldn't agree it.Everybody like 'Rudra Veena', 'Swayam krushi' of Chiranjeevi.But I don't like them.He,going round singing songs,stiching chappals like a cobbler-against my liking.Chiranjeevi garu should attack 10 people,should dance,should command…in such characters ,he should act.They all are in certain range.Only in such characters,audience like Chiranjeevi garu.Action roles are not good for Srikanth,situation characters suits him.When the characters in my movies are considered ,I achieve what I want with my articulateness ,leaving people in trouble.I have such image in audience,I feel.An actor should be able to do any role but audience should receive them,nah!

Your education?
I'm an unemployed Engineering graduate.I presumed education is unessential when I came to this field.Education has much to do with our behaviour and the way we talk.Education is necessary for people who come to this field.My completed after 'Gulabi' cinema.Couldn't do MS even though I want to.

Do tell us the highlights in 'GolMal'picture?
First highlight is humour. 'Nijam..nijam'song will be a highlight.Other songs in this movie are also good.In relating to performance,Brahmanadam,Jayaprakash,Bosebabu,new artist Avinash acted so well.My characterisation is also good.P.N.Ram chandra rao garu who directed 'Chitram balare vichitram', 'Merupu dhaadi' also loaded this movie with laughter.Ramesh Aravind's character will also be a highlight.

Your new commitments?
One in Usha kiron movies,another EVV's.

Your date of birth?
16th April

Updated on April 25, 2020