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ECRs Tech to launch “Bilkar”


Hyderabad’s retail automation Startup, ECRs Tech to launch “Bilkar”, the world’s first Electronic Cash Register with GPRS and Server-Cloud Technology

Electronic Cash Registers market in India is put at 22000 units per annum in volume and Rs 260crore in value terms

Hyderabad, June 27: ECRs Tech, Hyderabad based Startup engaged in manufacturing of Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) is launching “Bilkar”, the world’s first Cash Register with GPRS and Server-Cloud Technology.

It will formally introduce into the national market very soon. To begin, in first phase, the product will be made available through dealer and distribution network and channel partners across India.

“India is importer of major automation devices due to lack of manufacturing capacity. Our manufacturing potential has been under-utilized due to lack of confidence and technological capabilities. Pro-business policies of the Central Government to attract foreign direct investments in India through ‘Make In India’ the local manufacturing of retail automation devices got fillip. And we are the first mover in this space”, declared S.P. Chandu, founder of ECRs Tech.

The Product is the outcome of the clarion call “Make in India” given by the Prime Minister and is Made in Telangana product. It is the need of the hour product.

With over 25 years of the domain knowledge and experience in the industry as dealer in sales and service, S.P. Chandu, a veteran engineer in electronics, floated ECRs Tech, exclusively to manufacture state of the art Electronic Cash Registers with GPRS and Server-Cloud Technology. The product took shape over period of one-year research, trial and error. It is indigenously manufactured device in every aspect. Until now, most of these devices were imported from China by major companies too.

ECR Tech saw a huge business opportunity. That is why the tag line “Why China Hum Hai Na”. The state of art, world’s first Electronic Cash Registers with GPRS comes with much lower or equal to the Chinese price tag.

Only 22 per cent of Indian retail segment uses automated billing solutions. The rest are still way behind in implementing. Hence, there is huge market potential to tap, says S.P. Chandu. The potential of the Indian market is 22000 units per annum. The market of retail automation devices in India has been growing at a brisk rate. Technological solutions at extremely competitive prices will significantly impact the market informs Chandu.

The new embedded cash registers are equipped with special software, services and peripherals, which will enable merchants to connect to the web sever of '' to monitor their sales and transactions remotely through cloud, website or mobile. It is indigenously developed device in cash management system, which will enable traders, SME retail outlets to manage their business without being physically present. This makes much easy to operate multiple businesses without using skilled labour. It helps in overcoming the difficulties retailers face in using ECRs which can lose data if the machine malfunctions or lose workplace productivity during power outages - since every transaction is instantly stored in server through the state of the art cloud technology. Another big advantage in this is there is no need of PC.

The Salient features of Bilkar are its 8 line Blue LCD Display - ensures eye doesn't strain. Customer can view six items while billing on the screen. It is easy to operate. It comes out with SD card device for data backup. The menu is self-driven and does not require any training. Managerial Reports can be generated. It can store up to 100,000 items, which is probably 1st in the world again in a Cash Register.

Special software for different segments like Retail, Restaurants, Textiles, wholesalers is possible. The product is ideal suitable to Fast food Joints, Retail Outlets, Shops, small time stores, Shopping Malls, Super Markets, Petrol Pumps, Restaurants and any other trading industry.

Currently we have a small manufacturing unit In Hyderabad with a capacity to manufacture 5000 units per annum. As the demand grows up so is our unit, which is scalable to manufacture up to 10,000 units per annum. Currently we target to sell 3000 pieces in the first year of our operations.

With the boom in organized retailing, the demand for billing products is ever on the increase, because sophisticated computerized bills will slowly but firmly replace the manual handwritten billing. The electronic billings solution market put together hardware & software. POS hardware encompasses electronic cash register, PC, laptop, printers, barcode scanners, pole display, weighing scale, cash counting machine, POS keyboard, cash drawer etc is put at roughly Rs 2000 crores. However, the Electronic Cash Registers market as per the conservative guestimate is put at Rs 260/- cores and upwards.

For more details, contact ECRs Tech on mobile: +919246105072, email: [email protected]

Updated on June 30, 2015