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Vihari the traveller - Be Safe, A Corporate Social Initiative by Vihari - MAA TV


Sub: Be Safe - A Corporate Social Initiative by Vihari (MAA TV) for tourist

We are glad to introduce ourselves as makers of Vihari - The Traveller - a path-breaking show on travel and tourism which was a first in the annals of the Telugu Television history. It is on telecast on MAA T.V without a break for over 9 years and is still going strong. It is a record that has been unmatched by any other TV show. Directed and Produced by A L Nitin Kumar, made millions of viewers to watch and enjoy the experiences through his travel show Vihari.

After reading the news about the students who lost their lives by the recent tragedy in Himachal Pradesh; A L Nitin Kumar made an extensive research and with his vast travel experience he found that there are many causalities in tours due to no proper information, incorrect planning and negligence which lead to some serious problems like high altitude cerebral edema, acute mountain sickness , rip currents, negligence in supervising children, ghat road driving , stampedes, hypothermia, deep vein thrombosis during flight, negligence during safaris & adventure sports and unwarned venturing into the streams and rivers that lead to causalities. Other issues that can be avoided like sea & motion Sickness, skin burns, improper eyewear, hidden cameras, hotel safety, fire exits, theft, theme parks and selection of proper tour operator and travel Insurance plans to name a few  can be resolved with proper prior information.

We felt that there is an imperative need for an exclusive book /information about safe tours. In this endeavour we have compiled a book by the name Vihari be safe and we are launching the book on 9th July 2014 at 5PM at Prasad Labs, Banjara Hills and distributing the book free of cost amongst the tour operators and also posting safety tips through, print, television, websites, social media, radio to name a few, to make our endeavour successful we request your august presence to spread the awareness about safety in Tours.

Warm regards
A.L Nitin Kumar
Managing Director

Updated on July 8, 2014