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Doctors at Medicover Hospitals perform a complex procedure to save a Covid-19+ve patient


Hyderabad, September 16th, 2020: Doctors at the Medicover Hospitals performed a complex procedure to save a 32-year-old Covid-19+ve male patient who suffered severe heart stroke. The procedure lasted for many hours before the patient could be revived and his condition stabilized to ensure he was fully out of danger.

The victim carries a history of his family members suffering from premature coronary artery diseases. He was rushed to the hospital with symptoms of fever and shortness of breath; and tests confirmed heart stroke. Angiogram revealed the patient had 100% occlusion of two arteries, and a third blood vessel was closed 95%. Additionally, the patient tested positive for coronavirus and had lungs severely infected, making his condition highly vulnerable.

Commenting on the condition, Dr. Anil Krishna, Chairman, Medicover Group (India), who personally administered treatment on the patient said, “Our first step was to ensure patient’s dropped blood pressure levels were stabilized for any further assessment or treatment. Pre-procedure was done using intra-aortic balloon pump and elective intubation of the patient. Post this, the patient was put through multivessel percutaneous angioplasty with drug eluting stents placed in him. In such complex situation, the tolerance levels of the patient are critical, and in this case, this young man showed the heart to pull through the procedures.”

The mortality rate in patients with blockade of three heart vessels, plus lungs damaged due to Covid-19 virus is as high as 90%. But meticulous planning of treatment and efficiency of the medical staff ensured this patient recovers to lead a normal life in the times ahead.

About Medicover Hospitals:

Established in 1995 in response to the growing demand for high-quality healthcare services in Poland, Medicover subsequently expanded to other countries fulfilling similar needs. Today, Medicover’s Healthcare Services encompasses 21 hospitals, more than 100 healthcare centers and 23 fertility clinics spanning Poland, Romania, India, Ukraine, and a partner network of more than 2,300 local healthcare service providers. Medicover provides a broad spectrum of healthcare services via an extensive network of ambulatory clinics, hospitals, specialty-care facilities, and laboratories through two divisions – Healthcare Services and Diagnostic Services.


Updated on September 16, 2020