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Here’s four reasons why comedy King Kapil Sharma has found two new BFFs in Honey-Bunny


Kapil Sharma, a name that needs no introduction has won the hearts of the young and old all over the country with his wit & humour on his popular TV show. While he is well and truly the comedy king in his own right, he seems to have met his match in Honey-Bunny, the popular cat duo on Sony YAY! and the undisputed comedy champs of the animated world. If you were ever wondering about who is it that makes Kapil’s tummy ache with laughter, you’ve got the answer now. Never failing amuse kids with their wise-cracks and funny adventures, the hilarious jodi have now found a new fan in Kapil Sharma. They’re all set to welcome a new member, comedy king Kapil Sharma with a brand new show, ‘The Honey Bunny Show with Kapil Sharma’ starting 12th October only on Sony YAY!. Talk about three jesters serving up the ultimate comedy gesture for fans around the world.

Having invited guests on his popular show, the tables have turned and how for one of the most recognizable faces of Indian TV as he is set to feature on the ‘Honey Bunny Show with Kapil Sharma’. Being an ardent fan of the adorable cat duo, here are four reasons why Kapil Sharma took absolutely no time in joining Honey-Bunny as the newest member to their Jholmaal-filled adventures.

Just like everyone, Kapil too is a fan of Honey-Bunny’s swag OR Honey-Bunny’s swag won him over

Honey-Bunny are truly the masters at what they do for they’ll make you laugh in the matter of seconds. With every kid in the country making their best friend, it’s now time for Kapil to get a taste of the Honey-Bunny mania.

Takes a prankster to know a prankster

Game truly recognizes name and it’s no surprise to see Kapil Sharma, one of the best pranksters on Indian television team up with Honey-Bunny. Looking to always get one over the other, it’s going to be banter at its best when these three come together.

Honey-Bunny too are close to their clan

Team work makes the dream work and that’s exactly what makes Honey-Bunny two of the most-adored toons in the country. Any fan will tell you how tight is the bond between the two cats and their gang members, Popat and Zordaar. Knowing that he’ll be right by their side, can we even blame Kapil for wanting to be part of Honey-Bunny’s gang?

Get to join the duo on their adventure-filled escapades

There’s a method to the madness on the show as the rib-tickling Jholmaal in the house is simply unmatched. As the newest member to their gang, we won’t be surprised to see Kapil as excited as each one of us as the trio set out on a series of new adventures filled with fun and thrill.

With the three heavyweights of humour coming together on one fun-tastic show, fans are in for a comedy treat beyond their wildest imagination. The wait is just a few days more as the newly-launched offering ‘The Honey Bunny Show with Kapil Sharma’ starts 12th October on Sony YAY!


Updated on October 12, 2020