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Sri Ramarajyam is a lesson for future generation – Mohan Babu

According to Dr Mohan Babu, Baapu’s visual sense, Ilayaraja’s music and Balakrishna’s acting together made ‘Sri Ramarajyam’ a beautiful film. The actor is currently in Detroit and watched the film there. He went to USA to meet Telugu people in various cities. After watching the film he said, “Balakrishna’s performance is excellent. He did justice to his role. This movie is sure to be a lesson for the coming generation. Nayanatara totally involved herself in the role of Sita. The efforts of all the artists and technicians can be seen on the screen.”

Mohan Babu’s ‘Swargam Narakam’ release will complete 37 years on Tuesday. His ‘Ravana Brahma’ film will be launched next year in which he will play Ravana. K Raghavendra Rao will direct the film with huge visual effects with the help of international technicians.