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Lakshmi Menon about Rajesh Touchriver's Prathyayam

A forewarning to society – Lakshmi Menon

I am thrilled that I have been able to be part of a good film that is going to find a place in the heart of audience forever – says Lakshmi Menon who has played a key role of Padma in internationally acclaimed director Rajesh Touchriver’s bilingual film Prathyayam. (Telugu) Ente… (Malayalam)

A highly dependable and trusted person in a family setting may not be the same in the outside world. Those who end up paying the price for the actions of such people will be their near and dear ones. This is what we come face to face with in this film as well.

In order to act as Padma in Prathyayam, a lot of preparations and grooming were required. I studied about the social evil of human trafficking. It was a shocking revelation to me that there are several women who work as agents in the trafficking world.

I would treat this film as an opportunity that I got, to react against situations where girls are forced to efface themselves for serving others’ needs. In this film, the importance is not for the woman’s body but to the story and its characters. In other words, woman is not presented as a selling point.

This film also reminds us that tragedies reported in the media which we often ignore as “won’t happen to us” could actually happen to anyone at anytime.

A native of Kottayam, Kerala Lakshmi has acted in films such as Oru small family, August 5, Raghuvinte Swanthan Razia, Happy Darbar, Track, King and Commissioner, Parudisa