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Veerappan in July 1st week

AMR Ramesh is directing a producing the film titled ‘Veerappan’ which is originally made in Tamil as ‘Vana Yuddam’. The film stars Arjun, Lakshmi Rai, Ravi Kale and Kishore in key roles.

Director-producer AMR Ramesh said, “We have shot this film based on the real incidents that occurred in Veerappan’s life. We have done quite a lot of research before launching this film. Infact Veerappan’s wife went against the film during the release the film in Tamil. Later we have compensated Rs 25 lakhs to her as per the judgement given in the court. Yet we tasted success and saw the profits. It was a big hit in Tamil and Kannada. Our main aim to release this film in Telugu was to bring awareness among the Telugu audience about issues in Veerappan’s life. We have been researching about Rajiv Gandhi’s life for the past 15 years. We are planning to make a film on his life history. This film will start in October. ‘Veerappan’ is scheduled for release in 1st week of July.”