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Sreenivaas Bellamkonda Interview


Young hero Bellamkonda Srinivas, who introduced to the Telugu film industry as the son of well-known producer Bellamkonda Suresh, won a million hearts with the film ‘Alludu Seenu’. He has proved himself in all aspects like dances, fights and dialogues and has joined the 4 Cr League with the first film itself under the direction of VV Vinayak. Right now he is busy with 2 films. One is under the direction of Boyapati Srinu who is on a hit spree and another film under the direction of renowned director Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao. A special interview on the occasion of this young and dynamic hero Srinivas Bellamkonda who is celebrating his birthday on 3rd of January.

What is special resolution on this birthday?

There are no new resolutions as such. I have to work hard, do good films and earn good name and bring good name to my father.

After the success of commercial film like ‘Alludu Seenu’, what are your next steps?

I’m inclined towards doing commercial films as there is ample scope for dances and action sequences. Even if the concept of the film is new, I’ll take due care to add commercial elements to it.

First film you have worked with sensational director Vinayak and now you are working with another mass commercial director Boyapati Srinu. Any comments?

To be frank, it’s a god’s grace. Because I was launched to the industry through star director VV Vinayak. After watching ‘Alludu Seenu’, another star director Boyapati Srinu appreciated my work and came up with a youthful love story. I feel I’m lucky.

What has inspired you towards acting?

I was brought up in cinema environment. More or less everything around me some or the other way related to films. After my 10th standard my father has asked me to come to film industry and I instantly accepted it. Later I got trained in acting and gymnastics. I wanted to create my own image and that is why I worked hard for 6 years and then came to the industry.

Now you are working with Boyapati Srinu. What kind of movie is it?

He got a good concept and he is working on the script. It’s too early to talk about the film. As of now I don’t want to reveal much about it. The film has a fantastic story.

What is your preference? Director or script?

Both are equally important. Both go hand in hand. Good director with a bad script and good script with a bad director both won’t work.

Will you work only in your home production or you open for other banners too?

I’m open to work with other production houses even. The present movie is in our home production, but my next two films which are still in talks are on other banners.

You are working in the second film after the super success of ‘Alludu Seenu’. Are you under pressure?

The answer is YES. As I was launched with a huge film. There is no exaggeration in saying that there will be huge expectations on my next film. That is why I’m taking due care for my next film and we are not leaving any stone unturned. I’ll start any film if and only if I find a good script.

Are you open to work with new director?

I did my first film with star director VV Vinayak and my next film is also with another star director Boyapati Srinu. It’s not that I work just with the big directors. I spent all these 6 months in listening to the stories. If I find a good story, I’m ready to do with new directors.

What type of workouts are you doing for Boyapati Srinu film?

I have improved my physic compared to my first film. I’m doing practice on dances and fights. I always wanted to do dances and fights differently.

You have proved yourself in ‘Alludu Seenu’ with good dances and fights. Have you ever felt that you could have done better after watching your first film?

The answer is YES. Definitely everyone feels like that. Even I felt like that. My aim is to impress all set of audience as a hero by doing variety roles.

You are taking much gap for each film right?

I have to take due care on choosing the story as this is the beginning of my career. It will take some time for 3 to 4 films. I will try to act in more films in future.

Tell us about your next coming up projects?

Currently I’m working with Boyapati Srinu. Meanwhile I’m working for another film under Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao direction. We are planning to remake a super hit Tamil film ‘Sundarapandian’. The story is about the friendship. Our plan is to make the film with that point by adding the Telugu nativity and sensibility. Right now talks are going on. We will reveal the details soon.