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‘Rajugarintlo 7va Roju’ received ‘U/A’

‘Rajugarintlo 7va Roju’ that starred Ajay, Bharath, Arjun, Venkatesh, Akshay and Sushmitha in the lead roles, has completed the censor formality and received ‘U/A’ certificate. The makers are planning to release the film in January. The film is being made under the banner Bharath Film Factory. Bharath Kumar Peelum is producing the film with Feroz Raja as director.

On this occasion, Bharath said, “Horror genres are trending of late. If content is good, they will become big success. Trailers and songs are very impressive. The film came out wonderfully. It’s a pure horror flick. I’m sure the film will become big success. Trailers and songs have got tremendous response from audience.”

Briefing the progress of the film, director Feroz Raja said, “The film ‘Rajugarintlo 7va Roju’ is the incidents that happens in everyone’s house. The film has all elements including horror, comedy, crime and thriller. Screenplay will be very nice. Kanishka has provided excellent music. Thagubothu Ramesh, Chinna, Chanti, Shyam and Ravi will entertain the audience in other important roles. The film came out wonderfully. ‘Rajugarintlo 7va Roju’ is an excellent horror film. There are four songs in the film. Recently, censor formality has been completed and received ‘U/A’ certificate. We are planning to release the film in January.”

Music: Kanishk; Editor: Anil; Cinematography: Kranthi K Kumar; Stills: Nagabhushanam; Producer: Bharath Kumar Peelum; Writer and Director: Feroz Raja.