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'Gulf' to release In July Second Week


Sunil Kumar Reddy's 'Gulf' is an emotional entertainer which depicts the life of many Telugu people in Gulf countries and set in the backdrop of love story. To update the progress of the film, the makers have arranged press meet on Tuesday i.e. on June 13 in Hyderabad. Director P Sunil Kumar Reddy is directing this different film on the backdrop of Gulf under Sravya Films banner. Yekkali Ravindra Babu and Ramani Kumar are jointly producing the film.

Speaking at the press meet, music director Praveen Immadi said, “The shooting of ‘Gulf’ took place extensively in Gulf countries like Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah and Kuwait. Audio and teasers have got tremendous response. Re-recording also came out wonderfully. Lyrics penned by Sirasri, Kasarla Shyam and Masterji and the vocals of Anjana Sowmya, Dhanunjay, KM Radhakrishnan, Deepu, Geetha Madhuri, Hymath have improved the quality of songs.”

Addressing the media, producer Yekkali Ravindra Babu said, “The film with the caption ‘Sarihaddulu Daatina Prema Katha’ will impress audience for sure. It’s a romantic crime story. We are extremely confident that ‘Gulf’ will become big success and will surpass the success of commercial hit films ‘Idi oka Romantic Crime Katha’, ‘Criminal Prema Katha’ and critically acclaimed films ‘Sontha Ooru’ and ‘Gangaputrulu’. We are planning to release the film in the second week of July.”

Producer Pulagam Chinnarayana said, “Director Sunil Kumar Reddy is known for raising questions about some issues in the society through his films. The film ‘Gulf’ depicts the life of many Telugu people in Gulf countries who are roaming around deserts in search of jobs. He is not the person who writes scripts sitting leisurely at home. He is the specialist in penning the script by meeting many Telugu people who are staying in Gulf and collected useful news and studied over 500 cases. I feel it as a privilege that I got the opportunity to pen dialogues for this film.”

“Entire ‘Gulf’ team is working for the past two years on this project. There are many Telugu people who are moving to Gulf countries and roaming around deserts in search of jobs. Few people receive success and comfort, but few spoils their lives under the sun. They are working very hard there for their families and they are sending foreign currency to India and in that way they are also contributing a lot in the development of the mother country. But they are facing many problems there. There are many people cheated by the agents and are leading miserable lives in those countries. The film 'Gulf' depicts all their lives. Artists’ performance and picturesque locations will stand out as special attractions to the film. The film will entertain audience and at the same time makes audience to think,” said Director P Sunil Kumar Reddy.