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Popular Director Sukumar unveils 'Gulf' logo


Director P. Suneel Kumar Reddy who made several successful films in Telugu is coming up with his latest film 'Gulf'. This movie is getting ready for release soon. Director Sukumar has unveiled the logo of 'Gulf'. 


Sukumar: I got acquaintance with Suneel Kumar Reddy garu from 'Oka Romantic Crime Katha'. I watched his 'Gangaputrulu' later. 


I was shocked after watching the film 'Oka Romantic Crime Katha'. I felt that the film was fresh. I have mentioned the same in another interview also. Making such a film in Telugu and achieving success is completely a new thing. It is one of the very few new stories in Telugu. From then onwards, my affection has increased towards him. Even though I don't watch all his films.. I follow what kind of films he is doing. I have asked him once that whether he is remaking 'Oka Romantic Crime Katha' into Hindi. I thought of remaking it into Hindi if he is not doing the remake. What I liked most in him is.. he takes a point.. he does thorough research on the film.. completely understands the issue and then makes the film. We all go with the flow..he makes the film after thorough research, that is the real film making. That process gives huge satisfaction. Similarly Suneel garu has done so much research on the 25 lakh Telugu people living in Gulf.. and made the movie. He went there..met them and researched about their living conditions. Not only that.. 40% people of our village went to Gulf. They send money to the family members to support them financially. There are five such families around our home. Suneel garu made a good movie with this kind of concept. I wish that this film should become a big hit. I request all the Telugu people in Gulf should promote this film as 'Gulf' is based on their lives. Pulagam Chinnarayana is my long time friend. He is a journalist and he has been writing books. It's not difficult for a book author to pen dialogues. I've told him the same. He has penned dialogues for this film. 


'Gulf' Director Suneel Kumar Reddy: I thank my friend and well wisher Sukumar garu for unveiling the logo of our film 'Gulf'. This is a research based film on the Gulf life. A beautiful love story.. social issues around the love story.. are told in an entertaining manner to create awareness. Gulf is getting ready for release soon. 


'Gulf' Producer Ravindra Babu: I thank Sukumar garu for unveiling the logo of Gulf. This is fourteenth film of Suneel garu in the Sravya Films banner. Shooting of the film has been completed. It is into post production now. Output of the film is good. I hope everybody will watch the movie and make it a success.


'Gulf' Dialogue Writer Pulagam Chinnarayana: This journey with Suneel Kumar Reddy garu for Gulf is a different experience for me. It's not like he is a director.. I'm a writer.. but this is a sencere attempt of two journalists. 'Gulf' will show the dark aspects, emotions, love.. of the youngsters who go to Gulf in search of employment in a pure and naked manner. 'Gulf' will definitely impress the audience. This is not like an art film.. but heart film. My sincere thanks to Suneel Kumar Reddy garu for giving me this opportunity.