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Interview of Priya Varrier about 'ISHQ'


'ISHQ', starring Teja Sajja and Priya Varrier, will release on April 23. In this interview, Priya Varrier talks about working on the thriller and how it is a different film.

'ISHQ' is not a love story. This is my second Telugu film. It's an interesting story and the audience will keep wondering what might happen next in the story.

My character is of a simple college-going girl. At the same time, she has got a lot of self-respect and boldness. In 'Check', I didn't have a full-fledged role. In 'ISHQ', I have a full-fledged one.

Although I have played a college girl, which I am in real life, she is not anything like the real me. When they approached me for this movie, I didn't have to think much. I had watched the Malayalam original. There are a little bit of changes but the film is a faithful remake. The tastes of the Telugu audience are a bit different. Keeping that in mind, some changes have been made.

This is the first time I have acted with someone who is close to my age. Teja Sajja was fun to work with.

It's true that I have lost some weight from my first movie, which released three years back.

It feels great to have releases in Telugu. I had waited for it for long. But for the pandemic, this would have happened last year itself. The result of 'Check' was disappointing but I enjoyed playing the role.  

Updated on April 17, 2021