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Interview of Shiva Nirvana about Tuck Jagadish


'Tuck Jagadish' will stream on Amazon Prime from September 10. In this interview, director Shiva Nirvana talks about the subject, why the movie should be watched, working with Nani, and more.

The title reflects the happy nature of Jagadish, played by Nani. There is also a serious reason behind the word 'Tuck'. After watching the movie, CBFC members said that they had expected an entertainer like 'Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy' and that they were left in tears after watching the movie. The title will sound different after you complete watching the movie!

I come from a village, and I grew up in a joint family. There is no relation that was not there in my family. I have always wanted to do a sincere village drama for a long time. 'Tuck Jagadish' is the answer.

Besides being commercial, the film also has got some turns in the story. There are a lot of whistle-worthy moments, which you will miss while watching the movie on OTT. That said, there are also advantages to an OTT release. Even old people will now be able to watch it in the comfort of their homes.

The pandemic hasn't changed the story of the movie. We made no changes to the material despite the delay in the release.

When I approached Nani for the movie, he was expecting that I would narrate a love story. He would have rejected my offer had the story been a love story. He was surprised once I started narrating the story.

No family drama is a new story. The conflicts can be new. The screenplay can be different if the conflict plot point is interesting. In 'Tuck Jagadish', the characters are complex, the conflicts between the family members are realistic... It's not complex when the emotions are true to life. Nani's character has got three shades. There is power, there is love, and there is sentiment.

I was a teacher before turning into a director. Since I have command over the language, I wrote a song for 'Tuck Jagadish'. I also sang the song in the Uttarandhra slang. I am very attached to lyric writers.

I felt that Gopi Sundar would be more apt to compose the BGM. While Thaman has composed the songs, I chose Sundar for the BGM given my experience of working with me on 'Ninnu Kori', my first movie. The film has a proper mood from the word go.

'Tuck Jagadish' is the first genuine family drama in recent times. There are fights, but they are interspersed with the story. I don't like to say there are three or four fights. It's all part of the narrative.

Movies such as 'Subhasankalpam' haunted me for a month after I watched them. If a story demands intense emotions, I go for it. In 'Tuck Jagadish', there are no black and white characters. They behave differently as per the situations. In most of the characters, there are strengths and there are flaws. How Jagadish turns the flaws into strengths is the crux.

Nani felt very bad when our film had to skip the theatres. He is a huge fan of cinema. I was disheartened when he was misunderstood by some people over the direct OTT release.

Usually, directors repeat a genre if their movie becomes a hit. I am not like that. I won't do a film like 'Tuck Jagadish' again.

My next film will be with Vijay Deverakonda. It will be produced by Mythri Movie Makers immediately after 'Liger'. Vijay is happy with the story. It will not be a pan-India movie. The scripting is completed already. It will be a comedy entertainer.  

Updated on September 6, 2021