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Interview of Santosh Shoban about Manchi Rojulochaie


'Manchi Rojulochaie' heads to the theatres on November 4. Actor Santosh Shoban is excited ahead of the release of the comedy entertainer, which is directed by the star filmmaker Maruthi. In this interview, Shoban talks about what kind of film you can expect the Diwali release to be. He also expresses gratitude for getting to work with Maruthi and UV Creations.Catch him also talk about his upcoming movies, his journey so far, and why he got emotional at the pre-release event recently.

Vamsi anna, who is one of the producers, called me up and asked me to meet with Maruthi anna. It happened a week before the release of 'Ek Mini Katha'. I had read the first half before the release of 'EMK'. It all happened like a breeze. It was lovely and amazing working with Maruthi anna.

At the pre-release event, I wanted to say something else. But once I got onto the dais, I got emotional seeing those many special people. I am shy as a person. I don't open up easily. I wanted to express my gratitude that day because it took me 10 years to be what I am today. I got emotional all of a sudden. After the speech, my mother's eyes welled up as she hugged me. It's not just my journey. It's our journey.

It's purely a blessing that I have got to do a film with UV Concepts. Good days in life are about the mindset. After 'Ek Mini Katha', I have received a number of good offers. I like to work and I like to always be busy working. There was a time when I didn't have work. But I was happy even when I didn't have money.

'Manchi Rojulochaie' is a more entertaining film than my previous movies. Maruthi anna's movies have a special kind of vibes. He is an energetic and positive person and the same are seen in his movies as well. At the end of the day, the emotions have to be strong in a film. 'MR' has emotional value, too.

We had a blast doing the movie. We would laugh so much that we would be tired by the end of the day!

We have done an out-and-out hilarious entertainer. The mark of Maruthi anna is strong. You can watch it with your entire family. It makes for a proper communal experience.

This is my fourth film. I am very happy. It's just wonderful that a director like Maruthi anna and a big production house roped me in. I can rely on them. After my first flop, two of my films got stalled. Merlapaka Gandhi anna and Vamsi anna trusted me and gave me 'Ek Mini Katha'. Thanks to that film, I am getting work. Over the years, with me getting work, my perspective has improved. I have realized that I have to work harder than before. Working hard itself is a talent.

I am more excited today than about my last film. Unlike 'EMK', 'Manchi Rojulochaie' is a theatrical release. So, I am feeling that it's a first-time experience. It feels surreal. I will be watching the movie for the first time with the audience this Wednesday (November 3) at the early premieres.

Mehreen Pirzada is one of the nicest people I have got to work with. The chemistry between us is going to work. And the credit goes to my director for that.

I had high expectations from 'Ek Mini Katha' and it worked. That said, you don't know what will happen next week in the film industry. This is true more in these times of the pandemic.

Prabhas anna has been supporting me from the beginning. He remembers my father to this day. I feel fortunate that I can call him and Vamsi 'anna'.

'Manchi Rojulochaie' is going to do wonders. I am just excited. I am not nervous. Vennela Kishore garu, Harsha, Sudarshan bhayya, and a lot of other comedians have done a great job. Ajay Ghosh garu has played a character of a lifetime. You are going to love him in the movie. 'So So Ga', sung by Sid Sriram, has been a massive hit.

Entertainment is my forte. I love to do comedy. That said, in January next year, I will be doing something very new. 'Baker & The Beauty', the Aha web series, has been receiving a very good response. It's true that I always receive compliments for my voice.

I am working with director Nandini Reddy garu ('Anni Manchi Sakunamule' title). She is a wonderful filmmaker. I am grateful to be working with Vyjayanthi Movies. Doing this film is pure destiny. I am teaming up with a new director in January. I feel fortunate that I am getting to work with such big banners. I am mostly doing comedy and family entertainers.  

Updated on November 2, 2021