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'Godfather' has got a terrific interval block and climax: Satyadev


In 'Godfather', actor Satyadev Kancharana plays a pivotal negative character. In this interview, the 'Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya' actor talks about working with Chiranjeevi at length. He is looking forward to the October 5th release with confidence. The actor is going to have a busy calendar. 'Ram Setu' (Hindi), 'Gurthunda Seethakalam', 'Krishnamma' and 'Full Bottle' are gearing up for a theatrical release later this year. The 'Jyothi Lakshmi' actor doesn't believe in language barriers, and wishes to act even in foreign films. "Everyone is able to dream big in the era of pan-India films," he adds.

When Chiranjeevi garu called me and started narrating the story of 'Godfather', I was in a state of disbelief. Someone I have always regarded as my Guru was narrating the story! I was awe-truck and puzzled. I couldn't comprehend what was being narrated, as I was simply looking at his face. It was a surreal moment. Meeting him itself was a dream come true. And then, on top of that, he was offering me a movie!

I have not watched the original 'Lucifer' (Malayalam) even though Chiranjeevi garu asked me to. When the film came my way, I couldn't understand the significance of the character. Once it started sinking in, I became a bit jittery!

It is indescribable that I got to act alongside someone whom I have loved so much since childhood. His appreciation for my acting feels amazing! He has been part of my dreams for many, many years. It was not easy to mouth the lines in his presence. Chiranjeevi garu helped me feel easy as much as possible. In my close-up shots, he didn't have to be on set. But he would be there (laughs) with the intention of helping me. As an actor, I felt it was a huge responsibility to deliver goods. So, I always stayed motivated.

'Lucifer' and 'Godfather' are two different films. The story is 100% apt for the Megastar, his aura, his grace, and his style. For the first time, you are seeing him in a different look. He has come out of his comfort zone.

The interval block is one of my most favourite scenes. It's going to be explosive! The climax is going to be another awesome stretch. It involves me and Annayya; it's a 14-minute action block. The cat-and-mouse chase is going to be gripping.

While Annayya doesn't have a heroine, it is irrelevant because everyone is going to watch only him. Watching him live on the sets of 'Godfather' made me realize why he is the Megastar. He is more energetic than the youngest person on set. He is always on his toes, preparing for the next scene soon after completing a scene. He is a live wire. He is always thinking about work.

Nayanthara is a Lady Superstar in Tamil, and Salman Khan is a Bollywood superstar. I am an upstart compared to them. But I am a fan of Megastar. I have watched more than 100 films of his. I have learned how to act by watching him. I hope I have lived up to the expectations. When Puri garu asked me if I knew dancing during 'Jyothi Lakshmi', I told him I am a fan of the Megastar. At the end of the day, I won't let you down!

Salman Khan is a cool person on set. He would always be chilled out and was friendly with everyone. Coming to director Mohan Raja, he is easy to work with. He is ever-smiling despite the pressure. He has tremendous clarity about his characters. He is quite adept at designing his villains in a novel way. 'Thani Oruvan' is an example.

In 'Ram Setu', which is going to hit the cinemas on October 25, I have got a superb role. It's going to be a very good Bollywood debut for me. I recently dubbed for my character.

I have got to work with some big names. It was never planned. 'Mr. Perfect' with Prabhas anna is how it all began. I have got to work as a small fighter in 'Attarintiki Daredi'. I got to act with Mahesh Babu garu as well. I have huge respect for Tarak anna.

It has been seven years since 'Jyothi Lakshmi' came out. People tell me I am yet to get a huge Friday. As far as I am concerned, every Friday release of mine adds weight to my filmography. What I am today is because of the many Fridays on which films like 'Thimmarusu' and others got released. I am greedy for lead roles like everyone else. At the same time, I am game for well-written, exciting character/supporting/negative roles. I want to act in the films made by the likes of Rajamouli and Sukumar. But before everything, novel roles keep me excited every morning. I don't like doing routine parts.

My film with director Eeshvar Karthic is going to be wonderful. It went on the floors recently. Kannada actor Dali Dhananjay has a key role in it.

Updated on September 27, 2022