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'Mukhachitram' is an out-and-out drama: Priya Vadlamani, Ayesha Khan


'Mukhachitram', whose story, screenplay and dialogues are by Sandeep Raaj of 'Colour Photo' fame, stars Priya Vadlamani in one of the lead roles. Ayesha Khan has another pivotal part in the movie. Vikas Vasishta and Chaitanya Rao have also got key roles. Directed by newcomer Gangadhar, the thriller has Vishwak Sen in a pivotal role. In this interview, Priya and Ayesha talk about their respective roles in the movie. They also speak about the thriller's highlights.

Priya Vadlamani:

This is my fifth film and I have got a dual role in it. I am a simple village girl in one of the roles. She has a simple lifestyle and her value system is uncomplicated. What happens when she gets married to a city-bred surgeon?

The other character is that of a rebel playing which I had so much fun. She is fully urbanized and modern. She is opinionated and full of self-respect. She knows what is right and what is wrong. I feel lucky to have got to work with Sandeep Raj.

This is an emotional story. The actual plot thickens in the second half. We are trying to convey a very pertinent message. We need to convey the message and it concerns women. 'Mukhachitram' is not a thriller. It's an out-and-out drama that is high on emotions.

The title is because every character has got two different shades in the film. There is a nice social message in the film. There is no element of revenge.

Everyone has their own sense of right and wrong. Ayesha Khan's character does what she feels is right. It's up to the audience to draw their moral judgment.

Playing two contrasting characters in this film was exciting, more than challenging. Given the facial similarity that Ayesha Khan's character bears with mine (after plastic surgery), we both had to look the same in terms of physical attributes. As a reference, I had Sandeep Raaj's script as the guiding force.

After 'Hushaaru', I had to take a long gap waiting for a performance-oriented character. I rejected routine roles. I have signed up to do a web series in which I have got a strong role. After the teaser and trailer of 'Mukhachitram', I have been receiving so many offers. Newcomers like me have been encouraged by the likes of Samantha. I want to do sensible movies that will be remembered for long. Whatever I do, I have to earn recognition. That's my only aim.

It's not just the Telugu-speaking actresses who have to struggle in the film industry. Others, too, undergo struggles. Things are changing for good. A lot of Telugu girls are making a name for themselves in Tollywood. A lot of Tollywood filmmakers are preferring to cast Telugu-speaking women. In recent times, we have seen Ananya Nagalla, Shivathmika and Shivani, Komali Prasad, Eesha Rebba and many others stepping into the film industry.

I am very emotionally connected with 'Mukhachitram'. Those of us who have worked on the film are like a family.

Ayesha Khan:

This is my first movie and getting a strong character with a strong scope for performance. Maya Fernandez is an urban character, she is very strong and firm about what she wants in life. It's a very interesting character playing which I had so much fun. Priya Vadlamani's face gets transmogrified to my character after plastic surgery.

My character is ten years older than my real age. It was fun to play that character. The hardest part was to catch the dialogue right and emote well.

This film is a triangular love story between two characters! Priya has been quite encouraging right from the start. She is very supportive and treats me like a sister. There is no question of competition between us.

Writer Sandeep Raaj sir has got a clear-cut vision. He is a performer himself and used to emote.

I injured myself while shooting for an accident scene. I had to take bed rest for three months. Even now, I have got physical pain.  

Updated on December 6, 2022