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Srikanth Vissa about 'Ravanasura', working with Ravi Teja, upcoming movies & more


Writer Srikanth Vissa was catapulted to fame by films like 'MCA' and 'Pushpa: The Rise'. After providing the story for 'Khiladi' in 2022, the happening writer is once again back with yet another Ravi Teja movie. 'Ravanasura', his upcoming release, hits the cinemas on April 7. In this interview, Vissa talks about 'Ravanasura', for which he has written the story. Post-pandemic, the market for thrillers has grown in Telugu. That explains why he is showing an inclination towards penning thrillers these days despite his hands-on experience with commercial entertainers like 'MCA', 'Venky Mama' and 'Pushpa'.

I was 18 when I first published a Telugu-language novel. Writing has always been my passion. After completing my engineering, I got into a job.

There is this rumour that 'Ravanasura' is a remake/adaptation. I would say watch the film for yourself to know the truth. You will know whether the film is original or inspired by yourself. Director Sudheer Varma, too, was put a question whether 'Ravanasura' is a remake. Watch both films and come to a conclusion. I am denying that 'Ravanasura' is a remake.

'Ravanasura' is a thriller. The film is best experienced without knowing its premise and plot. I would just say that you can expect from the movie everything that you would expect from a good Ravi Teja movie.

The story was planned for Ravi Teja. Ravanasura from the Ramayana can't be seen in a positive light in general. But the fact remains that there were positive aspects to his personality. It is said that he looked after his subjects in Lanka with kindness. He was a great devotee. There is a Rama, a Sita and a Ravanasura in 'Ravanasura'. I want to clarify that our film is not at all inspired by the epic. There is a hero in every villain, and a villain in every hero. That's the philosophy at the root of this film's story.

Sushanth's character was first narrated with an onscreen villain like Samuthirakani in mind. Later, Sudheer Varma felt that a young hero should play the role. The character played by Faria Abdullah was thought to be played by a middle-aged actress at first. The improvisation happened while developing the script. The director came up with his own version as the script was being developed.

This is my second film with director Sudheer Varma. I have high regard for him as a filmmaker. Both I and Ravi Teja wanted to work with him. That's how this project happened. When he listened to the story, he felt that the story is in his zone. If I am narrating a story keeping Ravi Teja in mind, I end up imitating him, having watched him a number of times.

In any industry, learning is constant. I have learned to be a little more assertive. Ravi Teja is a straightforward person who speaks his mind. That's a trait I have imbibed from him lately. While working on the 'Pushpa' films and '18 Pages', I learned about being diligent from Sukumar.

More than dialogues, story and screenplay are my forte. In the initial years, I was offered the responsibility to write dialogues, though.

Ravi Teja's 'Tiger Nageshwar Rao' is a massy commercial film, for which I have written the dialogue. My immediate next release is Kalyanram's 'Devil', whose shoot is already over. We are happy with the output. 'Pushpa 2' is among my upcoming movies. Before that movie, another release is coming up. In all, I have got about four theatrical releases this year. Ultimately, I want to direct movies. For now, though, I am fully occupied with my writing assignments. I have to take the plunge into direction only when I have adequate time in hand. I am also writing a movie under Dil Raju's banner.

Updated on March 24, 2023